Key To His Heart : Jay Z’s Early Valentine’s Day gift To Beyonce

Key to his heart: Jay-Z gave Beyonce an early Valentine's Day gift, a Tacori mixed metal bracelet I’m sure there’s more and if there isn’t,it’s the thought that counts…
It has been revealed the rap mogul gave the 33-year-old a intricate bracelet to help out her heart further under lock and key. 
Retailing at $2390 – chump change for the Roc Nation CEO – the stunning
piece of jewelry is just one a of a number of gifts the ‘Pretty hurt’ singer is getting treated to. Known as The Promise, the intertwined
silver bracelet with gold accents features a lock that can only be
opened by a heart shaped key.

 On the Tracori website it says: ‘Made of
intertwining silver and gold, the design represents two unique
individuals uniting through a promise. 

‘Once the bracelet is fastened, only the
key holder can unlock the promise. The connection chain links both parts
of the bracelet and symbolizes that the bracelet is always connected.’

Aww,cute! Happy valentine People!


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