Jada Pinkett On The Cover Of ‘The Edit’ Magazine

Speaking out: Jada says that being a woman in an industry that has a voice made her feel this enormous amount of responsibility to speak out about female empowermentWill Smith is one lucky man! Jada Pinkett Smith, 42, has been given a seriously slick makeover for The Edit's latest edition, within which she opens up about female empowerment and her marriage
 Actress, director, producer,wife of Will smith and mother to Jaden and Willow,Jada pinkett looked delectable posing for shots for Net-a porter’s The Edit. The 42-year-old star talks about her fitness regime,female empowerment and marriage ;

‘I look better than ever and I work out less. I’m never in the gym for [more than] 45 minutes,’ she said.‘As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that it’s about being physical every day. You don’t have to go to the gym if that’s not your thing. You can go outside your door and walk around your block.’

On her Marriage;

‘Will, to me, encompasses everything. It’s almost as if calling him “my husband” is too small of a word for what he means in my life,’ she said.Married for 17 years, she reveals how their relationship has changed over time. ‘We used to have all these rules, [but] as you go on in your relationship, you just get into a flow… I had a very stuck idea of what a husband looks like, what a wife should be. ‘Once I broke all of that, a whole new world opened for me and man, oh, man, I got to see him in all his glory. And so that’s what it’s evolved into. And I’m just ecstatic about it.’
‘The coping technique is knowing what the truth is – there’s no better technique…It’s kind of entertaining. We can laugh because it’s so ridiculous. I don’t take it personally.

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Female empowerment: Jada puts her fame and power to good use - she once visited Washington to testify on sex trafficking and now she's working with CNN on a documentary about it

Strong bond: Over the years, she and Will have been accused of unfounded infidelities, of having an 'open marriage' and have even had their sexualities questioned, all of which she shrugs off
Better than ever: Although she displays an enviably toned physique in the new imagery, Jada maintains that she takes a relaxed approach to her fitness and never works out for longer than 45 minutes
Relaxed approach to fitness: Jada says that as she has gotten older, she's learned that it's about being physical every day - even if that means going for a brisk walk

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