I’m Nigeria’s sexiest actor – Benson Okonkwo

I'm Nigeria's sexiest actor - Benson Okonkwo

This former model and now actor,Benson Okonkwo said he’s Nigeria’s sexiest man. He won the Vanguard sexiest in Nollywood 2013 and now Karis media sexiest actor.He said;

“Well, it’s not a new thing. I have always been sexy and I know it. I started modelling before acting. I started modelling at the age of 16. I have always been admired by the public and that’s what makes me stand out. The confidence I have today is from my being sexy and I have a lovely and beautiful mum that I look like, so I got the beauty from her.Even when I was in school, I have always won awards for being the sexiest. So this is something I am used to. I have also won a prize as Vanguard’s sexiest actor. And now Karis Media sexiest actor and more awards will come. Because to me, if I am to say it and I will say it again; I am Nigeria’s sexiest man”

*clears throat* See I’m not in the dissing mood today so i guess I’ll leave it to you guys…smh 

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