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Impressive: Dan Osborne shows off his six-pack in his first calendar - just in time for the New Year
I know i’m supposed to give real celebrity news and to some people this might not be one of them,. But i think after this the movie world will be calling out to this dude.
I didn’t even know who he is until i saw this 2014 calendar shoot. His name is Dan Osborne, he’s  a model obviously and popularly known for his appearance in a reality show called TOWIE. I know right? who knew! Anyways enJoy the rest of the photo’s ladies!OMG!

Hunky: Dan Osborne looked hunky in just a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers and his torso glistened in the sunlight
A quick dip: Dan Osborne took a dip in the pool during his shoot
Buffed and bronzed: Dan looked good in a pair of red swimming shorts as he waded through the sea
Party time: Whilst on the trip he also enjoyed partying with friends on a chartered £2.5 million yacht

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