Gwyneth Paltrow is happy Ex-husband,Chris Martin is dating ‘smart & beautiful’ Jennifer Lawrence

Still close: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin separated in March but this weekend, the singer was able to throw his estranged wife a birthday cocktail partyGwyneth Paltrow is happy Ex-husband,Chris Martin is dating 'smart & beautiful' Jennifer Lawrence
Gwyneth Paltrow clocked 42 recently and her rocker ex-husband threw a cocktail party for her on Saturday. Though the coldpaly front man,Chris Martin,37 moved on to a much younger and Hollywood it girl Jennifer Lawrence,24 Gwyneth P is pleased with his decision. A source told LOOK magazine, this week: 

‘Chris, Gwyneth and Jennifer were all in LA earlier this month, so Gwyneth suggested a friendly lunch between her and Jennifer. They met at her Brentwood home and drank tea and ate homemade scones while chatting in the garden.’

‘Gwyn broke the ice by telling Jen she’s happy Chris wound up with such a smart, beautiful woman.’

Wow,another cool exes. A source also told the magazine: Chris who initiated the conversation about being exclusive with Jennifer, and her moving in – at least part time – to his Malibu home.’ 

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