Fugees reunite after 15 years at the Global Citizen stage


Fugees- Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Praz reunite after 15 years of a performance at the Global Citizen stage. The performance also took place during the 25th anniversary of their famed second and final album, The Score.

Lauryn Hill donned a red dress while Wyclef donned an Alexander McQueen tuxedo and a hat which had a Haitian flag tucked underneath.According to reports they got to the stage three hours after the proposed time. Their set was by 6:30pm but they showed up at 9:57pm and began playing at 10:07pm.

With the show due to begin at 6.30pm, the large crowd of fans, made up of those who listened to the record in the 90s and those who became familiar in the second wave of its popularity, waited excitedly but decidedly weary because of the artists’ reputation for late performances (Hill was two hours late to a Paris gig in 2018 and four hours late for a 2010 show in Brooklyn). At 9.30pm, the Fugees had not yet materialized on stage. The DJ continued to stall, even as the crowd grew restless. Finally, the stage showed signs of life at 9.57pm, even while the venue was due to close at 10pm. The band finally began playing at 10.07pm with the group soon to follow. After Jean’s rendition of No Woman, No Cry, the set ended at approximately 10.57pm. – The guardian

The 90’s trio are to go on their international tour after this New York show, beginning in Chicago and a broadcast of the concert will be aired this weekend during Global Citizen Live festival.

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