Ebube Nwagbo Reveals Her Greatest Asset

Ebube Nwagbo Reveals Her Greatest Asset

Well,her greatest body asset (her words not mine) …The Nollywood starlet revealed to the Saturday beats that her hips are her greatest body asset. She said;

My greatest asset should be my body. My hip is my greatest body asset.My style is very classic, simple and daring. It has also evolved over the years. I wouldn’t be caught wearing loud colours or a matchy outfit because it is not my style. My favourite fashion accessory is my sunglass and I can’t do without it. I love it because it compliments and completes even the simplest look. I hardly wear make-up, so, my sunglasses serve as a protection of some sort for my face. It also shields my face away from prying eyes. Those are some of the reasons why I consider it to be my favourite accessory.

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