Check Out The $3million Watch Angelina Jolie Bought For Brad Pitt

Cheap at twice the price: Given she is worth $145m a $3m watch will have been a drop in the bucketJust what he Wanted: Brad Pitt will have been delighted to have been gifted a rare watch as a wedding gift from Angelina Jolie

1952 Patek Philippe platinum chronometer, a legendary design by one of the most respected of all Swiss watchmakers. Angelina had a friend,George Farrugia who runs a jewellery shop on the neighbouring island of Gozo have it inscribed – ‘To Roly from Nessa.’The couple play these characters in drama By The Sea, a movie they are currently filming in Malta, and which the actress is also directing. Georgia Farrugia told The Mirror;

‘I did inscribe the watch, it was for Brad and it was a rare one.’Oh yes, it was very valuable.’

You would expect it to come with diamonds on the leather or something…Yea it’s a masterpiece but $3million?! It’s a lot, for a time.

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