Charly Boy’s ‘Virgin Angels’ Said They Help Him Communicate With The Dead

Charly Boy's 'Virgin Angels' Said They Help Him Communicate With The Dead

oouuu…So scared….lol. Y’all no Charly boy has Virgin angels he calls Zaza and Zizi *sigh*. Either they are high on something or this have got to be the most ridiculous interview ever. See what these two said in an interview with Tribune (smh,the things these reporters have seen…);
They call you the Virgin Angels, who exactly are you two?

We help Charly Boy communicate with the other world.
What other world?The world where his father has gone to. We help to get in touch and communicate anytime he feels like talking to his father. This is a place where not every one can get to except people like us.
People like you? You mean virgins alone?
Yes, only the pure and the unsoiled.
They call you Zaza, where is Zaza from?
Yes, I am called Zaza and I am from everywhere. Some of us come from the sky, some of us come from the air even from the water.
Will it be right to call you Ferries?
You can call us anything you want. The most important thing is that we know who we are and we do our work when we are needed.
You said you communicated with Charly Boy’s late father, what’s the mode of your communication?
We communicate spiritually. We also communicate by trans. We help him connect emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

How long have you girls been around?
It has been long.
How did the two of you meet?
You know that sometimes, two powers attract each other and they find a common ground where they would meet. It is not about what I see in my partner or what she sees in me, it is about what we see in Charly Boy.
So, what’s the special attraction to Charly Boy?
He’s special. He’s wonderful. He’s in touch with spiritual side that we don’t see often. I think that was what brought us to him.
How did you meet Charly Boy?
We found each other physically.
Where would you like it to be?
You should tell me since you know where you met him. I was not there.
We just found each other. Location does not matter as long as we are here and we are doing our work. Don’t let’s spend much time on that because we won’t get anywhere with that.
 After seeing Charly Boy, who else have you found?
Charly Boy is the first of his kind. We have not found another person like him. When we get, we will let you know. You seem to be curious and you really want to know more about us. Don’t worry, you will be notified when we find another pure soul like that of Charly.
How do you want to reach me if you find it, apparently I don’t have a pure heart like Charly Boy, do I?
We will find you. Don’t worry. Whether your heart is pure or not, we will get back to you.
Do you have human feelings? I mean you are human, aren’t you?

How are you sure we are humans?Take a look at us again, do we look human to you? If we look it, then your guess is good as ours. But then, let’s say we are what we are.
You said you are virgins, how did you discover that and who actually carried out the test to confirm your virginity?
Our virginity is an ideology. It is not the physical virginity that we are talking about. We are untouched physically, mentally and spiritually because like she said, we are medium to communicate with people outside this world, like we are currently doing for Charly. He went through a sad period in his life and we had come around to help him get over that period.
What other things do you do for Charly aside communicating with his father?
We comfort him and heal him in our own way. Not physically. We are always there for him as much as we can.
How long will your healing take and what part of his body are you healing.
We will heal him as long as it takes. Healing does not have a time frame. It is a gradual process. Talking about what part of his body we are healing, we won’t want to disclose that to you.
You are young virgins and beautiful, after this process, do you plan to get married?
If we find someone worthy of us, we will get married.
Are you planning to marry the same man?
I learnt you guys are still in the University, what could you possibly be doing in school if you possess the power you claim to have?

Yes, I am studying Library and Information Science but that does not stop me from assisting Charly whenever he needs me. We try as much as possible to work round things so that we won’t have to worry about this or that. Zaza, my partner is studying Law. Charly tells us what he needs and we do what we need to do. Hopefully, I will be called to the bar next year and I also hope to sue people for fun. It will be interesting.
Why do people like you need to be educated, do spirits go to school?
A part of us needs law and documentation. There are laws every where even if you can’t see them. I mean law exists in everything we do. Even the Bible and Holy Quran are books of laws. So, we need law to co-exist peacefully.
After all this is over, what is your next journey going be like that?
Like I said, we don’t know for now where we are heading to but we are surely going to a new place for another mission after the completion of work with Charly. We are happy to have been part of history in Imo State, Owerri when Charly Boy buried his father.
You witnessed when his father’s remains were lowered into the grave, what do you make out of that; do you believe that something like that would happen to you one day?
Death is inevitable. We all must die. How we die or when we die does not matter in this matter. What matters is where you go after you pass on.
So, where do you go after you are no more?
Let’s wait till we die. We can’t tell you where we are going to now when are still here.
What exactly do you people believe in?
We believe in peace. We believe in happiness. Follow your plans. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled.
Do you believe in God?
The concept about God has caused many wars. Everybody has their own gods and this is one thing that has divided men from the word go. The beauty of everything in life is to love and live peacefully with every person that comes your way.

I wish i could watch this interview…So i can watch their faces and interviewer.

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