Chapter Thirty Two :The Fifth And The Last Child

Ninas friends; onome and Zino werent going to the party
meanwhile Nina didn
t know that Agnes travelled
so it was just Adaobi and Sally and
the three wise women; Chidera, Adaeze and Norah
like Mac Anthony from Nina
s department would call
them went together as usual
Mac Antony calls them that
because they are three of course,they are ladies and they go everywhere
together except exam hall.Adaeze abandons them during exam and sits with the
boys because they don
t read and arent that smart. They (Chidera
and Norah) didn
t see it as a big deal at
first because they weren
t seeing Adaezes results… Meanhwile they
were flunking.
t call Dennis because of
her phone problem so she left for her picnic. She returned Maureen
s phone back to her since
people weren
t really calling her except
guys that want to ask her out. The only people she was interested in them
calling her was her sister and her dad but since she can flash them with
s phone and theyll call back immediately,
she felt she can get a phone when she goes back home for break
Her departmental
people hired a bus; most of them were in it while their friends from other
department took another bus. Ral (from biochemistry) was accompanying her
friend from the department to the party and of course Chux came along with her.
Before they got to the route to crossover, Nina started asking people if they
are going to cross the lake. They finally got there and like she predicted,
they were crossing the lake but the good part of it was with a speed boat not a
Nina 🙁 getting down from
the bus) oh please tell me the resort is not over there?
Nneka: I think it is.
Nina: oh my God!
Chidera: Amanda hi!
Nina: hi Dera! I didnt see you in the bus.
Chidera: I was in the other
Nina: okay, are you cool
with lakes?
Chidera: what do you mean?
Nina: I mean we are
crossing to the other side of the lake.
Adaeze: what? Is that true?
Nina: you guys didnt know?
Chidera: no we didnt, oh my God!
Nina: (sarcastically)
perfect! You know what? This is not fair, is like and ambush, is not everyone
that can swim or even love to be on a boat for that matter.
Adaeze: oh no, what if its the canoe we a taking?
Nina: then seriously, Ill be going back to the
hostel. But there
s another direction to that part of the lake.
Adaeze: is there?
Nina: yeah, I dont know why they didnt take there in the first
Adaeze: if anything happens
to me, it’s on the department.
Chidera: nothing is going
to happen, just chill out guys!
Nina: some people are
already entering the boat.
Adaeze: where are they?
Nina: over there.
Adaeze: oh no, is there no
way we can have the picnic on the side of the lake?
Nina: right? That would be
Chidera: but people are
already going with the speed boat. Oh look, there
s another boat.
Nina: Well I guess we
better go closer,at least it
s not a canoe and the place is not that far.
Nneka: lets take pictures.
Nina: okay, cool.
They took
pictures together; Nina, nneka, oge, chidera and Norah and headed to the boat.
Picnic co-ordinator: next
set please!
Adaeze: John, how many
people are going to be on this boat?
Coordinator: maybe eight or
something. I don
t know, theyll put you guys together.
Nina: I hope its safe?
Coordinator: most people
have crossed already and obviously it
s safe. Lets go people!
Adaeze: Okay here we go.
Chapter Thirty Two :The Fifth And The Last Child
The boat
starts moving and Adaeze starts screaming and they hold themselves tightly,
screaming together. The final got to the other side to meet the rest of their
departmental people
Adaeze: oh my God! Wow,
thank God.
Nina: We are still going to
cross back later.
Adaeze: till then.
Nina: oh look at
Adaobi,(waving at Adaobi and walking to her).
Adaobi: hey, what’s up?
Nina: Im good and you? What of
Adaobi: she travelled.
Nina: oh okay.
Adaobi: meet Sally.
Nina: hi Sally.
Sally: hi.
was with Sally and Martins before Nina saw them, then after a while sally left
with Martins and Adaobi was with Nina
Nina: are we still walking?
Adaobi: yeah, I heard we
have to trek to the hotel.
Nina: how far is it?
Adaobi: I have no idea.
Some people are taking bikes to the place.
Nina: and the bikes are
Chux: at the back of Nina
with his girlfriend) Why? Are you tired of walking?
Nina: No! What are you
doing here?
Chux: what do you mean what
m doing here?
Nina: are you in my
department, oh hi Ral! What are you also doing here?
Ral: we came with our
friend in your department.
Nina: both your friends?
Chux: actually shes Rals friend.
Nina: Ral understandable
but you, not.
Adaobi: this place is
Nina: yeah, it’s nice.
They got outside
the hotel finally because they didn
t book hotel reservations since it’s just a picnic. The DJ coupled his
gadgets and started playing music and they had soft drinks while some people
came prepared and wore their shorts and headed straight to the lake. Nina came
with just her shorts incase she was going near the lake
Adaobi 🙁 after thirty
minutes) this is sort of boring.
Nina: tell me about it!
Adaobi: people are swimming
at the lake. Let’s go there.
Nina: Yeah that because they
can swim, alright!
Adaobi: I want to join
Nina: can you swim?
Adaobi: no but do you want
to tell me that most of them can swim. We won
t go deep just at the bank of the river.
Nina: okay, thank God I
brought my shorts.
oh you did? Imagine and I didn
t even bring anything.
Anyways who cares, let’s go!
They ran
into the lake to meet others and  Nina
saw her bunkmate there already with her friend Oge.Oge
s room is opposite Ninas room,shes dating Tochukwu in the
same Department and level,she doesn
t really have swag like her friend Nneka but shes prettier than her.
Although she looks like she has swag but she doesn
some time Chux, Vivian and his girlfriend joined them at the lake. Since they
hired a cameraman, he took pictures of them in the water and they posed for the
ones they wanted him to print. Nina snapped with chux, Vivian, Ral, oge,
Adaobi, Nneka, they were all girls in the picture except Chux, Chux and Nina
snapped a personal picture. At first it was boring but later it was fun for
Nina and her friends, Chidera, Adaeze, Norah and most people didn
t enter the lake.

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