Chapter Thirty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child

Dennis knows nothing has happened between them especially since shes a virgin but the rest of them dont know. Ifeanyi on the other hand as a roommate has not caught them in the act before so he cant really say although he was guessing that they do it when he is not around

Nina: look at my pictures.
Dennis 🙁 looking at the
pictures) Ifeanyi, did you know I forgot my baby had a picnic?
Ifeanyi: why didnt you follow her?
Nina: very good question
Dennis: she didnt invite me.
Nina: so thats your excuse?
Dennis: who is this guy?
Ifeanyi: let me see( seing
the picture of chux and nina),oh boy! I saw this picture at the photo stand but
not closely I didn
t know it was you.
Nina: hes a friend.
Dennis: how come I dont know him?
Ifeanyi: do you know all
her friends?
Dennis: at least I know
most of them.
Nina: hes a new friend.
Dennis: okay, you look like
you really had fun.
Nina: not so much without
Tony: guys whats up? Hey Amanda, you are
Nina: hi tony.
Tony: whose picture is
Dennis: Amanda and her
Tony: oh let me see, that
reminds me your department seems to have had a blast at Oguta Lake.
Dennis: she went for it.
Tony: oh I see. Who is this
Dennis: a friend.
Tony: hmmm, not from what I
Nina: what do you mean?
Tony didnt want to say what he and
every other person was seeing so he just said something else because most times
things are quite embarrassing for them to see or say abour what their fellow
guy is doing
Tony: I meant, you know we
are all guys and there
s no such thing as friends with a girl
Nina: so you mean you dont have any girlfriends.
Tony: I wont really call them
girlfriends I
ll say we talk sometimes while Ive probably slept with some.
Nina: well, its not the same with me.
Tony: you are not saying
anything Dennis?
Dennis: she says he is her friend what do you
want me to say?
Tony: okay, excuse me
(picks his call) hey Floxy!
Florence 🙁 on the phone) Tony,
where are you? You are not in your room.
Tony: okay, Im in Ifeanyis room.
Florence: okay (hangs up).
Tony: its Floxy, Ill be back.
leaves Tony
s compound to meet him at
s place and sees Tony
coming out from there meanwhile Nina peeps at the window to see the girl that
they say looks like her
Floxy: Tony! Is Ifeanyi
Tony: (hugs her) yeah hes with Dennis and hes girlfriend.
Floxy: Ifeanyis girlfriend?
Tony: no, Dennis.
Floxy; okay, let me say hi.
Dennis: (talking to Nina)
why are you peeping?
Nina: I want to see how
this girl looks like me.
Dennis: who said she looks
like you?
Nina: some of my roommates
and Agnes even Ernestina said so.
Dennis: really?
Floxy 🙁 walks in) hey
guys! Ifeanyi so you don
t want to say hi?
Ifeanyi: no I was planning
to do that before you walked in.
Floxy: well stop planning
and Dennis because you are with your girlfriend you won
t say hi.
Dennis: I thought you were
talking to Ifeanyi, i didn
t want to interrupt. Meet Amanda, Amanda meet floxy.
Nina: hi!
Floxy: hello! Nice to meet
you, you are in year one i believe?
Nina: yes I am, you?
Floxy: fourth year.
Nina: okay.
Chapter Thirty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child
Floxy: okay, it was nice
meeting you guys. Let me steal Ifeanyi for some minutes, bye Dennis and Amanda
(dragging Ifeanyi)!
Nina: bye!
Dennis: bye! (Talking to
Nina),you were saying people say you look like Floxy?
Nina: yes, can you imagine?
Dennis: I dont really see the
Nina: thank you, I look
like me and no one else.
Dennis: do you know Ifeanyi
used to like Floxy?
Nina: Ifeanyi use to like
everyone, First Chize now Floxy.
Dennis: dont mind him.
Nina; so what happened?
Dennis: she wasnt interested in him.
Nina: uh, did he ask her
Dennis: he said he didnt but I think he did and
she turned him down.
Nina: why do they keep
turning him down? Ifeanyi is not that bad.
Dennis: it depends on what
they want.
Nina: what do they want?
t he a guy like you and
Dennis: do you want to go
out with him?
Nina 🙁 laughing) I just
Dennis: you are not
Ifeanyi 🙁 walks in) hey
Dennis: has she gone?
Ifeanyi: yeah she has,
Florence and her trouble.
Dennis: what did she do?
Ifeanyi; you know Floxy
now. Amanda, do you know I used to like that girl?
Nina: and you dont like her anymore?
Ifeanyi: I still like her
but we are just friends now.
Nina: okay, did you tell
her how you feel?
Ifeanyi: I wanted to but
when I got to know how she is, I just didn
t want to do it anymore.
Nina: how is she?
Ifeanyi: shes too complex.
Nina: complex?
Ifeanyi: I dont really know how to say it
but let me just tell you I just realized she wasn
t my type.
Dennis: or you are not her
Nina: Dennis.
Ifeanyi: of course Im her type, Im anyones type.
Nina: ah you not anyones type.
Ifeanyi: Im I not your type?
Nina: uh, let’s not get
carried away my friend.
Ifeanyi: meaning what? Is
Dennis better that me besides Chize is not that pretty, short girl.
Nina: waoh, are we talking
about Floxy or Chize?
Ifeanyi: both of them
especially Chize, she
s not even that pretty.
Nina: but you like her.
Ifeanyi: I dont think so, I have a
girlfriend now and she
s the best.
Nina: good, Dennis you are
not saying anything about it.
Dennis: you guys have said
it all. Come here, leave Ifeanyi to sort himself.
the discussion was over and they had their dinner and went to bed, the next day
Nina went for lectures and finally went to her hostel and met with Vivian and
Nina: hi Vivian.
Vivian: hey mandie whats up?
Nina: Im good and you?
Stephanie: hi.
Nina: hi.
Stephanie: Im contesting for Miss
Anambra state university.
Nina: really, that’s cool.
Stephanie: and the party is
going to be outside the school.
Nina: nice.
Vivian: will you come?
Nina: Ive not really attended a
party outside the school but maybe I could.
Stephanie: because its tomorrow.
Nina: tomorrow?
Vivian: yeah.
Nina: wow, um how come I
t know about it?
Vivian: I guess you didnt really care to know.
Nina: I guess you are
right.anyways till then.
Stephanie: okay bye.
Nina: bye.

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