Chapter Thirty One :The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont’d}

The next day, her department was having seminar for their year one students so
she went straight to the hostel to prepare what she was going to wear. She knew
it was definitely a corporate wear but she didn
t have that, neither did she have the money to buy so she had to see how she was going to provide that. Nina is the type that doesnt complain if she doesnt have, she’s always content about what she has and makes use of what she also have. Her dad just put her in school but didnt worry if she had anything to wear, the only way she gets clothes are from her sister. She wears her sisters old clothes but her sister seems to be putting on a lot of weight these days that none of her clothes fit Nina.
Nina 🙁 entering the room)
oh God, I’m so tired. Hey Bunkie!
Nneka: Welcome.
Nina: I didnt see you in class today.
Nneka: I was there.
Nina: really, where do you
Nneka: the other side of
the hall. You know people fill the hall most times so I
m either outside or at the
Nina: okay (lies down on
her bed) so what are you wearing for the seminar?
Nneka: a skirt and shirt.
Nina: like there is any
other way you dress?
Nneka: you know it.
Nina: {smiles}I dont know what Im going to wear.
Nneka: how come? You dont know what to choose?
Nina: I wish that was it.
Nneka: then what is it?
Nina: Im just confused.
She didnt want to tell Nneka
because first of all, they are not friends, she’s just her roommate and second
of all she has no fashion sense
Nneka: that reminds me,
chizoba asked of you.
Nina: she did? let me go and
see her…later Bunkie!
Nina: Zoba!
Chizoba: babe, how are you
Nina: Im okay.
Chizoba: I checked on you
earlier,I saw your bunkmate.
Nina: yeah she told me.
Chizoba: she so quiet.
Nina: yeah sort of.
Chizoba; so whats happening? how was
Nina: good, we are having
seminar tomorrow.
Chizoba: for all
microbiology students?
Nina: mostly for us then if
any other level wants to come nobody will stop them.
Chizoba: so what are you
Nina: I really dont know.
Chizoba: what do you mean
you don
t know? Go and get what you have and let me help you pick.
Nina: the truth is I dont have any corporate wear.
Chizoba: well, I didnt either but when I got to
year two I realized suits are our uniforms. So I had to get used to wearing
corporate, especially because of one woman in my department. She despises girls
that wear pants.
Nina: wow, I hope we dont have that type in my
Chizoba: is it not
microbiology? I heard they do.
Nina: well I wont meet her.
Chapter Thirty One :The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}
Chizoba: hopefully! Back to
what I was saying,so what are you going to wear?
Nina: I still dont know.
Chizoba: okay, help me pass
that bag.
Nina: which one?
Chizoba:( pointing at the
bag) there.
Nina: okay (picking the
bag) here.
opened the bag and checked for what might suit Nina and after much yes and no
s, they finally picked a
yellow buttoned up shirt and black pants.she also gave Nina a pair of shoe to
go with it but since Nina is taller than Chizoba, the pants stopped at her
ankle. Which was not her size obviously,but that was what could fit her since
she could not wear the same skirt with Chizoba because she
s curvier than Chizoba …
came and she went to bed to sleep for the
big day, atleast thats what she thought. The day
came; she wore the outfit, took some pictures with her fellow departmental
people and snapped a personal one. The day was over and the next day was their
picnic, they were all excited for that one. At least it won
t be as boring as the
seminar, hopefully
Nina: Waoh! Is that pants I
see you wearing, Bunkie?
Nneka 🙁 laughing shyly) its Oge that suggested I
dress like this.
Nina: Oge did well,you look
better now.
Kaycee 🙁 trying not to
laugh)Amanda, are you trying to say she doesn
t  look good?
Nina: of course not, she
looks good, is just what she wears, you know.
Nneka: I have trousers but
I don
t really like to wear them.
Fat kc: why?
Nina: maybe shes shy.
Kaycee: maybe.
Nina: you know I didnt notice you have two left
feet but…
Nneka: I do.
Maureen: shes not denying.
Nneka: I know I do and
pants make them pronounced that
s why I dont wear them.
Nina: but apart from the
two left fit, you have a nice shape.
Nneka: thank you Nina.
Nina: you are welcome,
Oge:  {stand at the door} Nneka lets go.
Kaycee: is Nina not going
for the same party? Why are you in a hurry, Oge?
Nina: I wonder.
Ebere: Nneka, where is the
picnic taking place?
Nneka: Oguta Lake.
Ebere: okay, I know Oguta
but I haven
t been to the lake.
Nina: how about you Kaycee?
Kaycee: no, Ive not been there.
Nina: wait a minute; I hope
we won
t cross the water before
getting to the resort.
Oge: I dont know but I heard if we
have to get there fast we have to cross the lake.
Nina: what? Why do we have
to be in a hurry? Is there another route?
Nneka: yeah, I heard
through your state we can get to the resort by land.
Nina; oh then thats better.
Fat kc: what if they dont take that route?
Nina: I wont cross over with them. ill start heading back to
Kaycee: you wouldnt.
Nina: well lets hope they don’t taking
that route.
Oge: okay, let’s go!
Nneka: Bunkie, are you not coming
with us?
Nina: yeah, I’m ready so
s go.
Oge: finally!
Fat kc: Oge, take it easy.
These legs of yours will cause hold up.
Nina: Im telling you, she has nice
Oge: uh stop guys, you are
making me shy.

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