Cast of One Tree Hill create new Podcast, Drama Queens 

Hilarie Burton-Morgan, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lez

Oh wow, this is really exciting! The cast of my favourite teen drama TV show, One Tree Hill are reuniting for a new podcast, Drama Queens. 

One Tree Hill was not just my favourite show, but the cast ;Hilarie Burton-Morgan, Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz are my favourite people too. 

Now we get to hear them talk on their podcast, its really amazing. Speaking of the new project, Bush says; 

“So let’s be very clear that it feels great to be executive producing this podcast together,” “We’re like, ‘Oh, who’s in charge? We’re in charge.’ Yeah. We’re in charge and it’s great. I love it. I love a reclamation.” 

“We’re moving forward with where we are now, and looking back and reliving the memories,”  “There’s going to be a lot of candid talk about what we experienced, but we’re not trying to be like Jerry Springer and trash everything. We loved our show. We love what we’re doing now.” – said Lenz 

Hilarie reveals that there would be guest appearance from the show; 

“I’m not putting anybody on the spot. That’s a person-by-person thing,””But what I think is great and what I want to serve as an example is taking back work that is rightfully ours. We put in a lot of work as young people and we’re not responsible for the actions of other people. And so to reclaim that thing that’s ours and that we were excited about when we were 22, 23 years old is an empowering thing to do as a grownup lady now.” 

“Our whole gang, everybody was like, ‘Oh my God. Yeah, let’s do it,’ and that’s nice,” “We genuinely love each other and there’s like 8 million of us.” 

Wow, i don’t know what to expect. I’m really proud of their friendship and happy about this podcast. Drama Queens, premiers Monday, June 21 on iHeartRadio. Will you be listening? 

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