Britain’s most glamorous granny reveals secrets to her good looks at 54.

Annemarie has been crowned the UK's most glamorous grandmotherAnnemarie now hopes to build on her success and forge a new career as a model
 The Lincolnshire former model ,Annemarie Leak 54, has been crowned the UK’s most glamorous grandparent and credits her success to being celibate for more than 10 years.
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Beauty queens: Annemarie's 25-year-old daughter Katarina has also triumphed in beauty pageants
Annemarie and her 25 year old daughter .

‘I was married in 1984 but then divorced by 1988 and have been single for most of my adult life,’ she rev

‘Men are not top of my list but it would be nice to have a man on my arm to take me to these events, I have got so many nice clothes to wear.
‘I think it has proved that looking good is not always good. I don’t know what it is, maybe men have never known how to approach me.
‘There was never much interest in me when I was at school either, I used to think I was the ugly duckling, but maybe the boys are scared of me.
‘I don’t know what it is about us, neither of my daughters are married either. I have found relationships really difficult, I had the occasional boyfriend when I was younger but it only lasted a couple of months at a time.’

Success: Before marrying in 1983, she had a successful modelling career and was crowned Miss Lincolnshire in 1982

‘I spent a lot of time of time on my own and I was quite isolated. I was engaged to another man before I was married but the whole relationship only lasted six months – I just couldn’t go through with it.’
Despite her relationship issues, Annemarie eventually met and married her husband – and the father of her two equally beautiful daughters.
‘I met my husband in 1983 and we had a rocky romance – he just used to get so jealous, he was a pain,’ she reveals.
Now Annemarie says she is happy with her decision to turn her back on men, and unless the perfect partner comes along, she plans to concentrate on modelling. 
‘Here I am having a second bite at the cherry and I am not going to let anyone stand in my way,’ she insists.
‘My husband, who was seven years older, used to stand in my way with beauty competitions and say they weren’t suitable. I just wanted a proper family life, that is what I set out for. 
‘The relationship put me off men forever and I have been celibate for 13 years now. I think not having that pressure has made me stay looking and feeling young.

Similar: In the 1990s, she forged a career as a Liz Hurley lookalike, even wearing the Versace safety pin dress

‘I have a lot of barriers but I just don’t think I have ever found the right man, there is a problem with the physical side. I find being affection very difficult, I can’t even hug my own mum. 
‘But I don’t want to be a little old lady with a dog and a cat – I suppose I am looking for someone but they have got to be right. 
‘I want to find someone who has something in common with me, someone who is outgoing, likes going to see films and the theatre. I think my ideal man would be a cross between Jon Bon Jovi and Sean Connery.
‘I am looking for love but I don’t go on dating sites – who knows what the future might hold though.’
Until she unearths the perfect partner, Annemarie plans to continue with her modelling career, which was given a new lease of life when she won the UK’s most glamorous grandmother pageant.
For the event, she wore a 1950s inspired dress and performed a nursery rhyme with her granddaughter four-year-old Myah.
My daughter noticed the ad for this competition in the summer and encouraged me to enter.
‘I always had the philosophy that if you don’t enter you don’t get. Everybody tells me I look very good for my age. I try to go for the old glamour like Dita Von Teese and I adore the Audrey Hepburn style.
‘I think the judges were impressed with my outlook more than anything. I hope I inspire other women my age so they realise they are not too old to be glamorous. I’m lucky because I can still eat what I like and do very little exercise.’
Instead she has one green smoothie a day which includes spinach, celery, lettuce and lemon juice and enjoys having an number of regular beauty treatments.
Annemarie said: ‘I do have a gym membership but I don’t use it, I just look after myself with facials and massages every week.
‘I also have regular trips to the hairdressers but I go to the hair college so it doesn’t cost very much because my daughter is setting up a beauty salon so I get treatments from her as well.’
Annemarie Leak, with daughter Katarina and four-year-old grandaughter Myah-ChristinaWinner: Annemarie poses with her granddaughter Mynah after being crowned the UK's most glamorous gran
Annemarie has already appeared as an extra in Clash of the Titans in 2009 with Katarina.

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