Ben Affleck tries J’lo’s Boyfriend,A-Rod’s 10-day Challenge

Ben Affleck tries J'lo's Boyfriend,A-Rod's 10-day Challenge

Actor and film maker revealed when he made an appearance on the Today show on monday morning that he went through the 10-day challenged initiated by Alex Rodriguez who is dating his ex,Jennifer Lopez.  While promoting his new movie  Triple Frontier”,the host, Hoda Kotb said ; “When I walked in and saw ya, I said, this guy is looking so good. You look like things are going right in your life,” she said.

Then Ben explained; “I hate to be shallow about it, but I just did the A-Rod 10-day challenge, which I saw on this show, I got inspired by [it].” “I saw Carson Daly bombed out after a day and a half,” Ben said.
 “It’s not easy! I will admit, Carson, that it was a little bit tough, but I feel better,” Ben said. “It’s awful for the first couple of days because I am definitely somebody who likes bread and sugar.”
“At the end of the ten days I had like, three bagels,”

So would you try the challenge? I just might,just like Ben ,i love bread so much.Watch video below;

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