Amber Rose Walked In On Wiz With Twin Sisters

Amber Rose Walked In On Wiz With Twin Sisters Tug of war: According to reports, Amber and Wiz have yet to agree on custody arrangements over their child Sebastian
On Tuesday morning episode of Hot 97’s Ebro,a close friend of Amber Rose, Peter Rosenberg said ‘Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,’ Although,TMZ had reported that Wiz ‘made it clear’ to his wife that the marriage was over – two weeks before she caught him cheating.  Rosenberg showed an Instagram post(left) featuring the rapper happily posing with the twins .He also said;

‘Them saying that their marriage was over, that’s just not true,’ he declared. ‘Did they have problems? Absolutely. When she was here last week, you all remember, that’s how I got in trouble, because she was here talking to my wife all night about her problems.’ ‘I think that’s an easy way to spin it now,’ he said, adding Amber had found Wiz with the twins in a house which was used by both the couple and not just the rap star. ‘I believe from my relationship with Amber, that she knew they had problems, she knew he wasn’t happy – she wasn’t happy either – but she was also like, “He’s touring, he’s going through a lot, and at some point we’re going to work on this again. It’s a marriage.”

Also speaking on the rumor about Nick Cannon on Amber’s part,he said;

‘You all can say what you want about Amber Rose. Amber Rose is a smart-ass, savvy businesswoman who, before any of this happened, she was hustling,’ he said. ‘She signed with Incredible, Nick Cannon’s company. She would never then sleep with the dude that she signed with.’

This divorce is pretty messy,i feel for Sebastian.

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