Amber Rose Reveal Skin Care Secret

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Model,Amber Rose discuss some of her beauty secrets to US Weekly and revealed they are very affordable. She said

“I use Clinique mild face wash and then I’ll use the La Mer moisturizer before I go to bed and I’ll kind of just cake it on so it’s still not fully rubbed in and then I’ll wake up and my skin is glowing,” Rose said to Us. “If La Mer is a bit expensive for you, you can use the Nivea cream that comes in the container that you turn open. You can get that at CVS and honestly, it works just as well.”
So if you need a glowy skin like Amber,there you go…Except she also relies on Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon, Jason Diamond, MD, for skin maintenance. “He has face (skin) tightening he does Botox, he does fillers, he does dermabrasion,” she says.

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