A Collabo ‘Blow’ From Beyonce & Rihanna?! Hell Yeah!

A Collabo 'Blow' From Beyonce & Rihanna?! Hell Yeah!A Collabo 'Blow' From Beyonce & Rihanna?! Hell Yeah!
According to Digital Spy Beyoncé will seemingly team up with Rihanna for a remix of her recent track ‘Blow’.

According to a listing on performing rights database ASCAP – where artists and songwriters need to register their tracks in the US – a new rendition of ‘Blow’ will feature Beyoncé and Rihanna.
Although the listing does have Rihanna’s name spelled incorrectly – instead reading ‘Rhianna’ – a few of her previous tracks on the database also bear the incorrect spelling.

 Beyoncé and Rihanna ASCAP listing for 'Blow'.
The song ‘blow’ has an old school feel to it,both in the beat and costume…. It’s cool,it’s gonna be the sexiest,rauchiest and entertaining video (hope they do the video,cos that’s what we really want to see) ever! i’m sure y’all can’t wait.Me too!


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