9ice Quitting Music For Good,Says He’s Too Old For It

9ice Quitting Music For Good,Says He's Too Old For It

Yeah right! Tell that to 2face or sting or U2…Dude,if you are done with music,just quit and stop talking smack about age cos it has nothing to do with it. Can’t think of a good song you’ve done since Gong aso…and uh nice reply on Toni Payne,NOT! Read what he told The Sun;

Yes, I want to leave music for politics. Next year January, I will be 35-years-old and I’m not praying to still be in music at that age. I am serious about politics now. If you listen to my music, you would notice that politics has been part of me; it’s in my blood. When I started initially, I talked about being your brother’s keeper, and that’s why I studied Law at Lagos State University before I dropped out to concentrate on my music career. I hate when things go wrong. When two or three people are having issues, I love to get there to settle their differences. I have passion for politics and it has always been in my blood.

I will say they will love me more by the time they see the plans that I have for them. I have so many plans on my mind. Imagine if the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was a politician, he will not just criticize the mistakes of our leaders but also correct them. Imagine if Wole Soyinka was to be the president of this nation, people like him are only preaching the truth and criticising the government but they are not ready to get into politics to make corrections. I am tired of preaching, I want to contribute my own quota for the sake of my people. We have graduates riding commercial motorcycles (okada), selling meat etc, their certificates are not being used but they are shouting that the government is not doing well. There can’t be any change if the youths don’t stand-up now to do something to help the country.

  Who is Tony Payne to you?

She’s nothing more than we have kid for each other.

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