Chapter Five:The Fifth And The Last Child

They all went back home and due to the distance from the school, they got home really late. When they finally got home, Nina told cousins how the place was and how deserted it was; no light, network, no water. The next day, their dad travelled back to their home and told them when registration starts they should let him know.
                                    Pre-science begins
After some weeks, Nina and her brother started preparing for their pre-degree program. Their Uncle took them to the school, the place was so deserted when they got there, and they were few students there. They had to settle. They were about twelve people in a room. Nina’s bunkmate was Evelyn while Richard bunkmate was Augustine. While Nina was settling down, her bunkmate came in.
Evelyn: hi
Nina: hello
Evelyn: what’s up?
Nina: packing!
Evelyn: oh yeah, i see. Let me help you.
Nina: when did you arrive?
Evelyn: two days ago.
Nina: how is this place?
Evelyn: not funny at all. First is sand fly during the day and blackout after 10pm.
Nina: no?! What do you do then?
Evelyn: try to sleep. You are even lucky; when I came we were very few that we had to sleep in the general hall together.
Nina: (sighs), anyways, i need to iron these clothes.
Evelyn :( laughs) did you bring iron?
Nina: no, they ought to have iron, isn’t this a hostel?
Evelyn: relax; you are lucky that one of our roommates has an iron, is just that its generator that they put on and I don’t know if it’s okay to keep using it.
Nina: mehn! Is not going to be easy here oh!
Evelyn: I’m telling you.
Nina: ok, I’m done packing. What next?
Evelyn: you mean what we do? Ok, um we just go outside and watch the trees. At least we will appreciate nature {giggles}… I heard lectures starts tomorrow though.
Nina: Why did you even come on Friday?
Evelyn: just wanted to study my environment I guess.
Nina: and you have?
As they leave the hostel, Nina’s brother sites her and shouts her name.
Richard :{ calls from afar} Nina, Nina!
Nina: what’s happening? Meet Evelyn, Evelyn, my brother, Richard.
Evelyn: nice to meet you.
Richard: you too. I heard there’s no service here. How do we call our families?
Evelyn: still wondering, guess we are stuck here.
Richard: if these villagers decide to attack us what do we do?
Evelyn: ha ha! Very funny, why would they want to do that?
Richard: It happens o, but don’t be scared, I’ll protect you all.
Someone calls Evelyn....
Evelyn: I’ll be back
Nina: okay
Richard: what do you think?
Nina: I don’t even know what to think. It’s like we are in prison, we are just stuck here, and we can’t even go out.
Richard: go out and do what? There’s nothing out there. No fast food joint, no resort, nothing. Except you go out of this town, which is uncle’s house.
Nina: just wish this 6months will turn to six days.
Richard: even if wishes were horses, not in this place. I’m so hungry.
Nina: me too. Let me see if I can organize something. Just take your provision because it’s late and I can’t set the stove now. But I’ll do it at night so I can cook tomorrow.
Richard: ok, goodnight. Take care and be careful.
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Everywhere started getting dark and everyone started taking positions, turning on their lamps before they turned the generator by 7 pm. Nina met with her other roommates but they weren’t complete, the ones she met were Ann (the crazy one), Onome (the quiet one), Celestina (the weirdo), neye (the one with a boyfriend), Agbani (the skinny one) and sisters (gift and grace) that look like twins. But Nina introduced herself and then Ann welcomed her and brought out a bowl of food.
Ann: everyone should dig in.
The sisters ate with her and the rest said thanks.Everyone ironed and went to bed. Nina could not sleep because she’s not used to sleeping early. She was awake till the blackout. Then finally tried to sleep by 3am and before she knew it, it was morning. Some people went to class while Nina and Richard went to complete their registration. After her registration, she went to class and sat close to her bunkmate. They had the first lecture and it felt like they were preparing for J.A.M.B (joint admission matriculation board) except with their English and chemistry lecturer or will I say teacher….
They had a break and she was going back to her hostel when a guy stopped her and asked of her name and she had always had it in mind that most guys in school were cultist. Therefore she didn’t want them to trace her with her name so gave him a fake name.
Guy: hi, what’s your name?
Nina: why?
Guy: I’m john. Just want to know you.
Nina: Amanda
John: nice to meet you Amanda.
Nina: I’ve got to run.
John: ok, later.
On her way to the hostel at the gate, another boy stopped her and he said;
Romeo: hi, my name is Romeo.    
Nina :( laughs and still walking) and mine is Juliet.
She went to her room and started telling her roommates how she met some guys and how one called his name Romeo and they made fun of it. She went to the kitchen and made lunch for her brother, took the food to him and went back to class. It was two hours remaining for the class to end for the day and then the co-ordinator came in to give the rules and regulation of the pre-science programme and left. Everyone went back to their hostels; some were still coming from home for registration.
                                 School president’s crush
After some weeks, Nina had some more roommates and the hostel was getting livelier. They had a president (Fortune) and vice (Ify) for their programme as well as environmental prefect (Ann). This exco’s, guys especially enjoy going to girl’s hostel for inspection against using stoves in the room but most of the girls knew it’s just to check them in their underwear.
 Fortune and his crew: inspection, inspection!
All girls: (screaming) don’t come in oh! We are naked.
Fortune: put some clothes on.
And they’ll just burst in. Nina never liked Fortune because of his attitude due to the post giving to him. Each building in the hostel is divided into three: two rooms and a hall. Nina was in the room by the left side, they get to the hall first before they get to rooms. Fortune goes into the hall first and then the other room where his vice is before Nina’s. When he enters Nina’s room, she on the top bunk and the first person you see when you walk into the room...
Fortune :( bursting in) hey, hey stop cooking!
Ann: who is cooking? Fortune stop walking into this place like it’s your bedroom.
Fortune: (sees Nina) hi, I’ve not seen this face since I’ve been coming here.
Nina :( reading her magazine inside her mosquito net) hello, I’ve not seen your face either.
Fortune: my name is Fortune as you’ve heard already and I’m your president.
Nina: really (irritably) you made quite an entrance. Amanda.
Fortune: beautiful name.
Nina: Thanks, I’ll like to go back to my magazine.
Fortune: alright, nice meeting you. Ann, please stop cooking in here or I’ll report you. What kind of example are you setting? You are an environmental prefect for God sake.
Ann: Fortune, please leave me alone.
Fortune :( leaving) nice meeting you Amanda, hope to see you around.
His crew :( after talking with their girlfriends in the hostel, call out to Fortune) guy, let’s go!
Fortune: goodnight
Nina: night
Sisters {gift & grace} won’t you tell us goodnight as well? Is it only” Amanda”?
Fortune: goodnight all!
Ann starts with the question.
Ann: Amanda?
Nina didn’t want to go through with all the reasons why she said that name and just said it was her English name. And they all asked why she never told them that name that they prefer it to her name and that’s where the name stuck.
Some of her roommates were preparing for night class and had their baths, sprayed body spray and perfumes and wore nightgowns with robes, socks and lambs in case the generator goes off.
 Zino :{ clears throat} are we really going to read or something else?
Ann: zino don’t mind them, some are going to see their boyfriends while some are going to read and some doing both.
Zino: i hate night class, especially with these sand flies
Gift: They don’t seem to mind. What they getting is worth all the sand fly bite {Laughs}
Nina’s bunkmate asked her if she wasn’t going for night class .Nina said she would start the next day and Evelyn agreed to go with her. Meanwhile as they were studying in their room, Ann brings up a relationship topic and they start discussing till the others came back from night class and start asking what they were discussing. From that point on, they became like a family and discussed different issues most nights.
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