Chapter Four : The Fifth And The Last Child

The fifth
child: Nina
Meanwhile the fifth child was very ambitious and
intelligent. She had hopes and dreams, she had friends but she was always caged
like the rest of her siblings. In her high school, she had one crush, she
didn’t really like boys. She had the wrong notion about getting pregnant if she
gets close to boys; that they were bad news, they just want to get you pregnant
and reject it. She loved half cast (that’s what we called biracial people here)
because she thought they were really cute. There was a boy that really liked
her but she was always avoiding him because she didn’t want him to tell her how
he felt. Until she finished secondary school, they usually accommodate people
around the house, both family friends and extended family. She had an elderly
cousin that was always molesting her in her sleep (she was a deep sleeper).
Until she realized what he was doing and decided to report him to her dad but
he begged her not to report, that he was sorry but kept on. She imagined how
she would tell and if they would believe her. She decided not to tell anyone
and was losing sleep until he left. Her siblings loved him so much that they
didn’t want him to leave but she kept on praying that he left, that his school
resumes or something.
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 Nina didn’t get all her
papers and decided to write WAEC again. She went to a private school to
complete her papers. She met some nice people there and as usual a spoilt brat
that didn’t give her breathing space and another guy that was always there for
her that she discussed everything that goes on around her house. She started
liking the guy so much she thought she was in love. You know how teenage girls
act when a guy is always there or listens to them……or maybe it was just so
typical of her. After some months, she completed her exams and was at home full
time. Her dad was very sick he had to see her sister that has not been home for
months. Her sister came back and talked to their dad. She told him she’s
schooling part time and also working. Her dad asked for forgiveness, he asked
where she was staying that she should leave her job and come back home but she
said she couldn’t that whether she’s working or not that she couldn’t stay home
because her school was very far from home. He understood, they reconciled and she
didn’t have to hide from him when she came around to see her siblings. After
some days, their father became better and started struggling to get her other
siblings into the university.
            Their dad wanted them to school in their state so they
could understand their language because he never spoke their language to them;
neither did their mom nor their stepmom. Since step mom was being a witch as usual,
their prayer was just to leave the house. No matter what they did, it was not
enough. She kept bragging about how the house would look like when they were

Finally in December, they
all went to the village. Normally, the girls loved sleeping in the same room
with their cousins they hadn’t seen in a while and that night, their so called
cousin that loved molesting and sleeping with his cousins (the ones that
allowed him) came that night and wanted to disturb Nina then he realized she was on her period, he left her and went
to meet the usual one he have sex with; little did he know that Nina’s elder
sister was watching him. He left the room and after sometime, their female
cousin got up and followed him, followed by Nina’s elder sister, Serah. She saw
everything they did and then told Nina the next day. That was when Nina opened
up to her sister and told her how he disturbs her at their house in the city.
From then on, her elder sister started keeping an eye on him.
for admission
They went to the capital of
their state to stay with their uncle as they searched for admission. They stayed
for some months and her elder ones (Serah and Nathan) got admission into the
university, their uncle wasn’t well-to-do but he was a very nice man, his wife
was a deeper life member and always had issues with their dressing but could
not control her own children. Nina and her siblings were very close to their
cousins when they were younger so it was a lot easier living with them now. Their
dad usually sends some food stuff to them, to reduce the burden for his
not-so-well-to-do brother. The jamb result of the other two (Nina and Richard) didn’t
meet the cut-off and they didn’t want to go back home so their dad insisted
they do pre-science in another state. He {their dad} introduced them to a
lecturer from their state and also came over to make sure that they got admission.
Their uncle drove them (Nina and her brother) and their dad to the school. When
they got there, they met with a non-academic staff. After some time with them
they were told to go to the main campus where the training would take place. Their
dad was getting pissed when he was told they have to go to the other campus
which is like two hours or more drive, depending on the traffic.
Dad: this place is so bushy
I wonder how the other place is going to be.
Uncle: let’s
just get there first
Nina 🙁
telling her brother) what kind of place is this?
(laughing) you are the one that wants admission now! Enjoy……
Dad: what do
you think about the place? {He asked the kids}
Nina: I
don’t know what to say.
Dad: let’s
just see the campus and if you like it there, then you can stay.
Nina: ok
Their uncle
was driving while their dad was asking questions about directions.
Dad: excuse me please; do you know how
we can locate this campus?
Stranger: it’s not that far when you
get to a roundabout, after there keep going straight and then by your left
you’ll see the sign board.
Uncle: thank you.
Dad: thank you.
After an hour;
Dad: my
goodness! How come we are not there yet? All my time in the east, I have never
heard of a place like this. Look at the roads, the governor doesn’t want to do
anything. All they care about is money, money, money……..
Dad: I think we should ask someone
else, stop here. Hello, please can you tell us if we are anywhere near this
place and how far it is
Stranger: It’s just 1mile left
Uncle: ok, thank you
just one mile left! I can’t believe this. When are we getting home today?
Finally, they got to the school sign
board and had to ask again before diverting to be sure. They were told they
were in the right place that they just have to go straight this time.
my dear please how far is it from here?
Stranger: you are there already. It’s
just inside.
Uncle: oh, thank God!
Dad: yeah, thank you.
After 30minutes;
Dad: just
here my ass, is it that this people don’t have an idea of how far a place is?
It’s just like going to another state. I can’t see any house. Are you sure this
people don’t want to cut off our heads and have some people waiting for us at
the campus {he jokes}?
it’s not possible
Nina & Richard: {laughing}
what do you mean it’s not possible? I have heard a lot about this people and I
heard they do a lot of rituals. It’s like the road doesn’t want to end
After 45minutes, they finally got
there. Nina felt like crying. She never imagined herself in that kind of
school. They met with the co-ordinator, he told them the requirement and when
they would start off.
how many candidates do you have?
Co-ordinator: hundred and twenty. After
here, if they do well, they will be given admission into the main campus
Dad: ok, can we see the hostels
Co-ordinator: sure.
Nina: Rich, look at this place. I wonder
the kind of people that will come for this programme.
Richard: seriously, I don’t think I
want to go to this school anymore.
Nina: me too.
Co-ordinator: this is the boy’s hostel
Dad: where is their toilet? I hope it’s
not inside the hostel
Co-ordinator: oh no, it’s not,
actually its outside
Uncle: what type?
Co-ordinator: it’s a pit toilet
Dad: pit what? Why pit? Do you provide
water and light for them?
Co-ordinator: we supply light for them
throughout the night and tanker supplies water for them.
Dad 🙁 looking at Nina) at least they
have light and water. What of security?
Co-ordinator: their security is safe.
The only time they might get into trouble is if they are seen outside the
school premises.
Dad: ok, thank you. We’ll be in touch.
We came from a far place, we have to leave now.
Co-ordinator: ok, drive safe and my
friends what are your names?
Nina: Nina
Richard: Richard
Co-ordinator: Nina & Richard, I’ll
be expecting you guys soon.
Walking to
the car…….
Dad: I just hope the traffic won’t be crazy
Uncle: I hope darkness won’t meet me.
You know how I can barely see at night.
Meanwhile Richard was
persuading Nina that they should take it.
(whispering): Nina, let’s take it. Besides, what are we going to be doing at
home for like another year and how sure are you that they are not going to
cease the next jamb results like they did with the others. If you are not
taking it, I’ll take it. After all, it’s not about the school; it’s about what
you are going there for.
seriously, l don’t know.
Dad: what are you two whispering
Two of them: nothing
Dad: so what do you think about the
Richard: it’s okay! It’s not like we
are staying there forever
Dad: yeah, you are right, at least the
main campus seem a lot better. You’ll just stay in this one for just six months
and you are off to the other campus, then in four years you’ll be through. But
if you can’t cope, we can forget about it.
Uncle: why can’t they cope? Is it not
their fellow human being that is going to be there? At least, we saw some kids there
and they don’t look like they are in prison.
Dad: Nina, you are not saying
Nina: um… the place is ok.
Dad: good. Then you’ll go there .
Richard: ok dad.
Nina :{ looks at Richard}
Richard: what?!
Dad: what, what?
Both of them: nothing {Smiles
Uncle: at least it is better than no
school. After all they’ve been seeking for admission.
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