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Be Kind to Everyone Always

People just assume that they know you because you give them some of your time. The thing is, I am a human being and I’m not hundred per cent. I have my good days, I have my bad days…Does that mean that people should say whatever they like about me? Hell, no! You see, I

Why Being an employee suck

Being an employee for the first time can be really exciting but with time, it’s just not as fun as you hoped it would be. Growing up, I always admired grownups going to work looking corporate, holding their briefcases and hoped that would be me someday. Then I became an employee, worked for several private

Why you should not date below your standards

Though I talked about reasons why you date below your standards, in my last post. This post is in case you are thinking of all those reasons why you should date below your standard, this is why you shouldn’t. Look, I totally get it. Being single sucks sometimes but trust me, it’s not all that

Reasons why you date below your standard

Why do you date below your standards? Sometimes you just can’t answer that and most times there are a lot of reasons for this. So what is standard? To put it short, according to Google: Standard is a level of quality or attainment. We all know relationships are hard and being single can be sometimes

Chapter Thirty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child

Dennis knows nothing has happened between them especially since she’s a virgin but the rest of them don’t know. Ifeanyi on the other hand as a roommate has not caught them in the act before so he can’t really say although he was guessing that they do it when he is not around… Nina: look

Chapter Thirty Two :The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina’s friends; onome and Zino weren’t going to the party meanwhile Nina didn’t know that Agnes travelled so it was just Adaobi and Sally and “the three wise women”; Chidera, Adaeze and Norah like Mac Anthony from Nina’s department would call them went together as usual… Mac Antony calls them that because they are three

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