Kendall Jenner's Vintage Style in New York

Kendall Jenner's Vintage Style in New York

Just like her best pal,Hailey Baldwin,Kendall Jenner is in a fashion mood. The model was spotted leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New york on Tuesday in  a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier turtleneck sweater, which featured red and white stripes along her arms , stone-wash grey jeans and a pair of short-heeled booties.

For most people,this jean would be very unflattering but it looks good on Kendall and i love the sweater,very chic!

Ladies of Ocean's 8 Style in Manhattan

Ladies of Ocean's 8 Style in Manhattan

(from L-R)Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Mindy Kaling looked lovely for their new movie Ocean's 8 photo-call at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan . Kate looked stylish in a purple suede suit and burgundy pumps,Sandra in a fitting jumpsuit,Anne in a white jacket and maxi-skirt,Mindy in a black pearl-embellished Stella McCartney dress and matching Louboutin pumps ,Awkafina in a black cut-out jumpsuit and Sarah in a black blouse and black embellished skirt byMichael Kors.

They all looked great but where is Rihanna,she is also in the movie. Guess she is busy with her lingerie launch. Can't wait to see this movie. All of my favorite actresses are here.

Solange Knowles' Crazy style in New York

Solange Knowles' Crazy style in New York

Singer,Solange Knowles was spotted on the red carpet in this black ensemble with cut-outs and a utility belt at the 70th Annual Parsons Benefit in New York City where she was honored alongside Gucci president Marco Bizzarri and Farfetch founder Jose Neves.

Beyonce's sister paired the look in a pair of strappy black stillettos, a matching black bag and silver earrings.Ms. Knowles said in her speech at the event;"This is really a beautiful night. I rode here in a stretch Hummer,"

"I'm eternally grateful to any and everyone who has ever stopped me on the street and told me a story on how they've connected with my work in any capacity," she continued. "You are literally what I do it for."

Jennifer Aniston show off locks as she leaves hair salon

Jennifer Aniston show off locks as she leaves hair salon

Jennifer Aniston showed off her famous gorgeous locks as she leaves hair salon.Canale in Beverly Hills - where a dye job costs at least $400 - after a three hour visit. The Friends star wore a black sweater, matching long coat,rolled up jeans, and black Gucci loafers.

She is know for great hair in the 1990's thanks to that hair cut in friends which everyone calls 'The Rachel", Aniston is set to star in new TVseries about morning shows with Reese Witherspoon. She is also set to play the first female President with Tig Notaro as her wife in the new Netflix show First Ladies.

Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Show off sic' bodies in Ibiza.

Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Show off sic' bodies in Ibiza.

Football legend,Cristiano Ronaldo,33 and his model girlfriend,24 were spotted at the beach in Ibiza on thursday,flaunting their incredible physique. Ronaldo  wore a black short and his girlfriend who welcomed daughter,Alana Martina six months ago showed off her impressive post baby bod in a grey two-piece.

His eldest son, Cristiano Jnr, 7 was also spotted having a good time at the beach. Cristiano as always great bod but he is an athlete but you gotta give it to Georgina,six moths after having her baby  More photos below;

American Idol winner- Maddie Poppe

American Idol winner- Maddie Poppe
Maddie Poppe Wins 'American Idol' After Runner-Up Reveals They're Dating

Hmm,to be honest i can;t remember when last i watched  American idol,i think i stopped the season J'lo left and Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey became a judge. Anyways this season winner is Maddie Poppe. 

The American Idol reboot season 16 got more exciting after the runner up,Caleb Lee Hutchinson  announced that he is dating Maddie Poppe. He said;“Well, Maddie is my pal and I’ve known her since the beginning of Hollywood week,” Hutchinson said. “And she actually happens to be my girlfriend.”

Caleb and Maddie performed  Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Over the Rainbow” and “What A Wonderful World” together, and received a surprise trip to a resort in Hawaii.

Aww,they are cute. Congrat Maddie.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's First appearance as a married couple

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's First appearance as a married couple

Newly weds ;Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were spotted for the first time since their nuptials at a garden party in Buckingham Palace in honor of Prince Charles’s 70th birthday. The Duchess of Sussex showed off wedding glow in this pink dress with sheer sleeves (retails for $643),matching heels ,pink clutch and panty hose  at the event.

Meghan accessorized with a large-brimmed hat and her hair in a bun.

Deadpool 2 take down Avengers in the box office

Deadpool 2 take down Avengers in the box office

Oh wow,Deadpool 2  brought in $125 million in the North America - and $176.3 million internationally - last weekend, ending the three-week reign of Disney's Avengers: Infinity War. The Ryan Reynolds movie ( he co-wrote this one) had the second-highest opening ever for an R-rated movie,though still behind Solo: A star wars story. Senior media analyst for comScore, Paul Dergarabedian said;'There are definitely audiences out there for whom superhero movies are not their cup of tea,' 'The R-rating may be restrictive in terms of the audience make-up, but it's certainly not restrictive in the creative freedom it offers, so when movies like these hit, they can hit big,' Dergarabedian said. 'There is a place for the R rating. In the superhero genre it offers endless and really cool possibilities.'
'This marketplace is big enough for all these films,' 

My bro made me watch part 1 and i loved it. I'm sure part 2 would be awesome too.

Estimated Ticket Sales - US & Canada (Fri-Sun)

1. Deadpool 2, $125 million ($176.3 million international)

2. Avengers: Infinity War, $28.6 million ($84.4 million international)

3. Book Club, $12.5 million

4. Life of the Party, $7.7 million ($1.3 million international)

5. Breaking In, $6.4 million ($300,000 international)

6. Show Dogs, $6 million

7. Overboard, $4.7 million ($4.1 million international)

8. A Quiet Place, $4 million ($18.8 million international)

9. Rampage, $1.5 million ($4.4 million international)

10. I Feel Pretty, $1.2 million ($1.7 million international)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's kids won't be princes or princesses?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's kids won't be princes or princesses?

Well according to reports they might not be. Unless Prince Charles who would be their grandfather take over from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Prince William and Kate's children got the title beacuse Prince William, is in line to be king. According to Yahoo;Prince and princess and his/her royal highness statuses are reserved for children or grandchildren of the monarch.

Prince George was the exception, as his father, Prince William, is in line to be king. The queen actually issued a new letters patent when Princess Charlotte was born to give her the same title as her brother. If she hadn’t, Princess Charlotte would instead have been known as Lady Charlotte Mountbatten-Windsor.

And with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcoming their third child in April, Prince Harry has been pushed down to sixth in line to the throne, meaning it’s highly unlikely his offspring could be the monarch.

If Prince Harry and Meghan have a child before Prince Charles ascends to the throne, then because they’re now considered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their children will likely be given lord or lady titles.

However, should Prince Charles take over from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and Meghan’s future kids could eventually become a prince or princess, as their grandfather would be king.

Hmm,it's not bad though.

Khloé Kardashian show off tummy five weeks after welcoming baby,True

Khloé Kardashian show off tummy five weeks after welcoming baby,True

Khloé Kardashian won't let motherhood stop her,the reality star took to snap chat to share videos of her post baby workout results. She says she's been craving it and calls it her "santuary". She said;“The beginning parts of working out kind of suck because you’re pushing your body so hard, you’re so tired, and you’re trying to get back into your rhythm,”

“It’s much more difficult than I think you expect it to be. I’ve been working out for 11 days now, I feel really good, but tired. My body is sore because it’s re-waking itself back up,”

She also replied people saying that she is more focused on her body and not her baby;
"What I’m annoyed about is that I’ve read a couple of times on Twitter that, you know, they feel that I’m focusing too much on my body, but the truth is, I’ve worked out five or six days a week before I got pregnant and that’s my sanctuary and something I love to do,” Kardashian responded.

“So I want to start doing that now and getting into my rhythm and in between feedings I want to find time to work out because that’s going to be my new normal,”

“Just because I have a baby, doesn’t mean I have to stop doing the things that I love, and I love working out and getting my mind right.” “I’ve been craving these workouts.”

Do you Koko!


Janina Gavankar Said Designers declined to dress her for the Royal Wedding

Actress Janina Gavankar and friend of Meghan Markle said designers refused to dress her for the Royal wedding. Janina Gavankar wore a lovely tangerine-colored dress and a black fascinator, which she paired with Sigerson Morrison heels and a Yves Saint Laurent clutch. She took to her instagram to talk about the dress;“Thank you to everyone inquiring about today’s dress! Here’s the real story,” Gavankar wrote on Instagram Sunday. “As many do for events of this kind, my stylist @NikiSchwan & I reached out to designers and showrooms. … No one was responsive. Luckily, @westerncostumecompany generously opened the doors to their private vintage archive, and we chose this 1930’s dress and 1940s hat…”
“Strange to be talking fashion on a powerful day of love and union.

Her stylist Niki Schwan also commented on the Janina's style; “To be clear, we requested several designer brands & showrooms (for her to wear to the wedding) who either denied us or just ignored us. & obviously, this is not something you “shop” for, as we were committed to creating something special and unique.” “I kinda love being denied sometimes, it just forces me to work harder, smarter, more creatively & continuously think outside the box! Which is what styling is really about. This trio of women KILLED this moment, with their Royal Wedding STRUT (Squad goals for real!) and @janina is one of the single most searched names of those who attended the wedding, due to this moment & we are overwhelmed & grateful by the response to her look. (Too bad to all the brands and showrooms that denied us). Keep on keepin on y’all. Rejection is Gods protection, I always say!”

She did look great though right?

Check out these Rare Bikini "Red Is Resilient” Photos

The photo-shoot was organized by model Sara Geurts,27 who has a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which makes her skin unusually elastic, causing her to look almost twice her age.  She shared photos from the shoot ,taken by her life partner,Briana Berglund to empower women of different shapes,color and sizes.

The beach photoshoot has 13 participants, each of whom represents a unique group: curvy women, women of color, women with mental or physical disabilities, women with rare medical conditions, and women with vitiligo.

One of the models,Sarah MacDonald, 20, who tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “We wanted to send the message that all of us are equal and beautiful in our own way. No matter where you came from, your ethnicity, body type, or health condition.” “There was a time that I would wear sweatshirts on the hottest of days just to cover my skin,” she confesses. “I dreaded summertime because that meant the possibility of wearing a bikini. I’ve been asked by so many people if I was in a fire, if I had poison ivy all over my body, or if I had hickeys everywhere.”

Another model,Carmen Rene shared a side-by-side photo of their shoot with Victoria Secret Angels on her social page and wrote;“Growing up, I don’t remember ever seeing a body like mine in a sexy swimsuit ad, and certainly not in a bikini,” she says. “This lack of representation furthered this idea that bodies like mine should be covered up, the idea that there was something wrong with my body. I wanted young women to be able to look at this photo and say, ‘Hey, my body looks like hers’ whether it was mine or one of the other amazing people in the group.”
“The more you speak about your body in a positive way, the more you will begin to accept it and eventually even celebrate it,” Rene says.