Offset begs Cardi B to take him back at the Rolling Loud Stage

I guess Migos Offset took Rapper 50 Cent's advise not to lose Cardi B who is really doing well for herself - she just received 5 nominations for 2019 Grammy and have been performing non-stop since her maternity leave.

During on of her performance at the Rolling Loud event,her babyday Offset crashed the stage with a “Take Me Back Cardi.” props and said he is sorry and he loves her. See video below;

And according to Rolling Loud organisers,they had no idea Offset would crash the stage. In my opinion,its disrespectful interrupting her show and because he did it in front of the world does not make it romantic. You cheated for heaven sake and not once,twice -with her best friend,give her a break! Stop messing up her performance and taking her off guard.
Cardi obviously didn't accept the apology and it just makes him look even more stupid (especially in that outfit,lol).

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