Angela Bassett mark 60th birthday in print bikini

Wow! She is 60 y'all!and everything is tight and right!Actress,Angela Bassett marked her 60th birthday with this photo on Instagram yesterday,Aug 16. The 9-1-1 actress donned this colorful print bikini showing off her toned arms and incredibly fit abs... She captioned;'Happy Birthday to all my Leo brothers and sisters. Let’s eat cake!'
My oh my!Mehn,i wish i look this good when i get to that age. She looks amazing,incase some of you still don't remember her,She is the Icon actress from Stella Got her Groove back.

Swimsuit-ready : Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson in Mexico

Khloe Kardashian and her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson are currently on vacation in Mexico with sister,Kendall Jenner and boyfriend Ben Simmons. On Wednesday,the mother-of-one was spotted in a red Baywatch-inspired swimsuit,taking a dip in the water with a pair of googles while her other half donned black shorts.

Chapter Twenty Two:The Fifth And The Last Child

After church, Zinny went to the kitchen to prepare food, every Sunday they make sure they eat rice and stew with fish. Nina beeped Tonia’s line and in a minute Tonia called back… Tonia:(on the phone with Nina) baby girl, how are you? Nina: Im good, you? Tonia: thank God. Nina: did you hear about Sarah? Tonia: what about her? Nina: she says shes now a born again. Tonia: very funny, since when? Nina: since this year, that she doesnt wear trouser anymore and jewelry. Tonia: does uncles wife have anything to do with? Nina: maybe. Daddy wasnt in support of it. Tonia: why would he be? Sarah is just a case, so all this while she has been wearing trouser does it mean shes not a child of God. Nina: dont mind her, shell get tired. Im sure she just trying to please uncles wife, as of me I dont have that time to pretend. Tonia: but what if she