Winner of Miss Bum Bum contest ,Dai Macedo.

Winner of Miss Bum Bum contest ,Dai Macedo.Winner of Miss Bum Bum contest ,Dai Macedo.
This year’s winner was Dai Macedo, 25, from the central state of Goias, who impressed judges with her 42in derrière

Eliana Amaral, from Pernambuco in north Brazil, was awarded second place while bringing up the rear was Jessica Amaral from the central northern region of Para who came third. 
Ms Macedo, an administration student, had been embroiled in controversy leading up the event when she suggested on social media that the result would be fixed to give the title to rival Mari Sousa.
The contest was plunged into further chaos when rivals accused Ms Sousa, 25, and Ms Amaral, 24, of paying thousands of pounds to the event’s judging panel for the right to come first and second. 
Brazil’s O Dia newspaper reported that Ms Amaral, a law student representing the northeastern state of Pernambuco, had allegedly paid organisers around £18,000 for second place.  

The runners up look on as Macedo is unveiled as the competition winner

The new Miss Bumbum indicated her backside had not always been such a marketable asset.
‘It isn’t 100 per cent natural. I had a butt lift. I always had a large backside but liposuction improved it,’ she said. 
The brunette said she hoped one day to become a television presenter.
Macedo also won 5,000 reais ($2,100)  and will also net ten times that in advertising contracts.
The Miss Bumbum contest begins with 27 candidates chosen to represent each of Brazil’s 26 states and the federal district Brasilia.
The women are then whittled down to a final 15 in an online eliminatory round, before a winner is chosen by a judging panel of six women and five men.

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