Why i’m crushing on a married man

Why i'm crushing on a married man
Why do we crush on people?Is it the way they look,the way they talk ,how they look at you and talk to you? It could be either of those things. Mine is all those things.
Okay,so I have been crushing on a married man for months now : the thing is ,it didn’t start that way. I wasn’t even interested in him in the beginning.
I am also someone that does not date married men so this is new for me.
You know what I learnt from all this? Never say never. Like I used to scold friends for dating married men,well ,look at me now.Uh ,hold on, I have not done anything with this man,they are thoughts and I intend to keep it that way.
So there goes;I have a crush on a married man and I know he likes me but I don’t intend to act on it.
Why i’m i crushing on a married man?

He is really handsome

I know you are wondering “really handsome” ? Like is he the only handsome man on the planet? No he is not and that is not the only reason I’m crushing. I knew he was handsome but i didn’t really look at him until i starting having feelings. So yeah, that also made the crushing make sense.

The way he looked at me

Okay ,so this guy actually got an apartment where I work,so after we did a job in his apartment,I took the invoice for signing and the way he looked at me attracted me. And the way he talked to me felt like;you know when a guy is crushing on you and acts really shy as he talks to you? That was what I was getting from him and it was just cute.
When I went back to my office,he called through the intercom and I can’t remember what he was calling to ask but I remember him asking for my mobile number,you know in case he has some questions,so I gave him. And we have been chatting since then.So whenever he has an inquiry,he sends a message or calls via whatsapp.
After I sent a memo,he chatted with me on whatsapp asking if the surname he saw was mine. I know I have a funny surname,I have got a lot of jokes on my surname. So I replied yes and we laughed about it .

He gave me compliments

Being single in my thirties and meeting a lot of unserious single guys,it’s tempting to fall for compliments from other men -even when it’s a married man.
From our chats,we got to know a lot about each other,our backgrounds and what we have in common. This made me feel closer to him and that’s when I started having feelings.
Whenever I see his messages,I have this big smile on my face. I think about him a lot and wish i was with him
He compliments my job and recognizes how hard I work.

He is successful

He has his own company and is doing well for himself. I am an ambitious woman and I admire successful men – so another reason to crush on this man.
I don’t know him too well but from what I observed ,he is a man that knows what he wants and at the same time humble.

He seem like a kind person

From his behaviour and the way his domestic staff talk about him,he seems like a really kind person. That’s one of the traits I am attracted to in a man – you know to be rich and be kind to people,no matter who you are.

It doesn’t help that his family have relocated

Okay so yeah he recently moved his family to another country but he will be here. And this has been making me ask questions like; is his marriage ok? What does this mean?
It’s making me think that ,if he is having marital issues and wants to get a divorce,then crushing on him is not so bad.
I am not keen on distance relationships ,it works for some people and maybe this guy and his wife are one of those people but to me it seems like a red flag in the marriage.
I like him so much,I have considered being a second wife- its that crazy. I know,I always want what I can’t have -the thrill and taboo of it is exciting but it’s just for a moment . I’ll definitely regret going into it.
It’s not worth it. Crushing on people is healthy:married or unmarried ,as long as you don’t act on it. Though it may seem like finding your life partner is taking centuries but when you do,its worth it.
Unless you want to be a nun,as long as you have marriage in mind,the right person will come. It seems like it will take forever but it will happen. This married man can’t give you what you need,he is just going to waste your time and go back to his family when he is tired of having fun.

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