Why i want to be an Entrepreneur 


Who is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit – Google definition.

When I see people live the entrepreneur life, I get a bit envious cause I know that is the life I want for myself. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task: it takes discipline, commitment, consistency and perseverance.

Though we are not the business type in my family, we are more of the practical type “work and get paid”, have a stable salary kind of people. I intend to break that chain.

In this part of the world, when you tell people you are an entrepreneur, people just assume it’s buying and selling. That’s why it has been tough trying to make the shift. But thank God for awareness and the internet – since I’m a creative person and with the help of the internet, my dream of becoming an entrepreneur will finally come true.

So why do I want to be an entrepreneur? I’ll tell you below:

To be financially independent

Yep, who doesn’t like to be financially independent? I don’t think I have seen anyone who doesn’t. With my salary job, I still don’t have that financial independence; instead, I’m incurring loans here and there.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean the money will just start popping up the minute you quit your job and decide you want to be one. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to start reaping the benefits.

Is it worth the sacrifice? Yes. I rather work so hard for what is mine than work so hard for someone else and not feel appreciated.

Knowing the kind of person I am and what I put into other people’s business, having mine will be a blessing and it will be very successful.

I want to be able to buy what I want, go wherever I want and provide for people in need.

Spend time with my family and loved ones

My current job barely gives me time and it’s affecting every part of my life. I can’t even spend quality time with my mum and siblings cause I’m always feeling tired.

Being an entrepreneur and financially independent will enable me to delegate jobs that could take my valuable time to someone else. I can pay people to do stuff while I spend time with my loved ones.

Also, though not in a relationship yet, I would like to be in one and be able to spend time with that person. I hope to get married one day and have kids, so it would be great to be my own boss so I can have time for my spouse and kids, prepare healthy meals for them and just be present.


Run my company the way it should be run

When I see how some organizations are run, I just wonder how they are still standing. A lot of unethical things going on at the workplace; Some staffs just go to work to get paid at the end of the month without actually doing their jobs, some use their employer’s platform to do their side business, even to the detriment of the company.

And I wonder how the company employed these people in the first place. Well, I don’t blame the company in the beginning but I blame them after they notice negligence and indiscipline from these employees and still choose to keep them.

I also blame some organizations for just employing anyone and not doing a thorough recruitment process; after tests and interviews, background check (take comments or recommendations from previous employers to know the kind of person you are bringing into your organization) – very important.

Some people ask why I don’t apply for the role of HR, I would but the system is so corrupt that they don’t employ people for their strengths or qualification (not like I have a degree in Human resources, I’m a natural), they just employ people that they know.

Anyways, I would like to have my own company, to employ like minds and people that are actually passionate about what they are doing, practicing good work ethic and providing a thriving environment.

Travel the world

I have always loved to travel the world, meet different people, their foods and cultures. Being an entrepreneur and financially independent can help me achieve that. Hopefully, when my blog kicks off, I would include travel and photography in it.

Pursue my photography dream

If you check my first ever blog post, it was on photos I took back in my NYSC days. The truth is I have always loved photography, especially nature photography and the idea of the blog was to take photos and tell stories.

Though, I love celeb news, fashion and movies. The initial idea was on photography and stories.

I’m kind of going back into that now- well, the story part. The photography would be when I eventually become a full-time entrepreneur and can be able to get a professional camera, travel the world and document my journey.

So you see why I want to be an entrepreneur? There are a whole lot of reasons but these are the basic reasons.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Some people are comfortable working for others and that’s not bad – especially if you are working in a good organization that helps you grow, has a plan for your future and retirement. But that is what I want and I hope to be someday.

Over to you guys, do you want to be an entrepreneur and why?

Love to hear from you

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