When These Questions Come To Mind…Do This

When These Questions Come To Mind...Do ThisWhen These Questions Come To Mind...Do This

Sometimes a lot of questions
and thoughts go through our minds. It helps to write them down (cos as you
do,they become less overwhelming). These things can happen to anyone anywhere
(at work,your home;bathroom most of the time,on the road.. Sometimes its good,sometimes
its bad,some times its happy,some times it sad. Sometimes its inspiring,some
times its depreciating. But writing them down helps to tackle them(though not
all, but it’s better to have quarter or half of what you are going through in
your head than all) one by one.

Why do people hate {though I don’t like it when people
use this word recklessly,they(haters) exist}.
Sometimes you meet some
people and wonder how they were created,where they were born,their
background,who their parents are. Why they are so bitter,why they don’t mind
their business, why they have a problem with you. If you knew them from a life
before (if that exist). The truth is everyone is different and unique in their
own way. You are who you are and they are who they are,everyone must not be
like you. Therefore,by being different,we possess different gifts and talent
which can be used for a greater good. Complimenting and assisting each other in
our weakness and strength for a better world.

When These Questions Come To Mind...Do ThisWhen These Questions Come To Mind...Do This

So if you see someone that
you feel is “hating”,don’t take it personal,that’s just who they are
and you can’t change them. Although your attitude just might.
As humans we ask ourselves a
lot of questions that we sometimes don’t have answers to. Some people give
encouraging words like;take the high road,let it go,don’t worry be happy, it is
well… Don’t know about you but I worry a lot and when there’s no one to
console me or tell me how worse their case is,I do this; accepting the things I
can’t change and changing what I can.

Why I’m I here
I don’t know about you but
this comes to my head a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m really curious and
sometimes like to be faster than my shadow. But sometimes I ask myself that
question; why I’m I here.why was I given the name I was giving,what I’m I meant
to do,where I am presently is that where I should be. And then I tell myself;I
will find out someday… I just have to keep moving,keep doing what I do.

Why I’m I so broke
Yeah we’ve all been broke at
some point or stage in our lives. Maybe we didn’t save enough or we don’t even
have a job to save in the first place. There’s no money to do anything and you
start asking yourself why you don’t have a dime,especially when you see people
you are older than making money than you’ll ever make in your lifetime.it’s
depressing. But you know what? Nothing is permanent! Being broke is just a
matter of time,depending on how hard you work and if you have a plan.

Why are people making money and I’m not
Maybe they are working harder
than you do. BS right?Yes,sometimes it is b**s*it;especially when these people
are from a wealthy home. While some will say its their “luck” or their
“time” . Yes,God’s time is the best but don’t give up,keep trying. This
person you might be thinking is their “time or luck”,might not be the
case. Unless,its a lottery,I’m sure the wealth was not overnight.  They must have been working hard (and when I
say work hard I don’t mean crucify or labor yourself on a job,sometimes all it
takes is asking questions,doing research, in other words acquiring knowledge)
for a longtime but you won’t know.

Why can’t I lose weight
You know what,the truth is
bitter and sometimes I don’t accept it;I just say oh I have big bones I can
never lose weight (since when is obesity hereditary?),I don’t have time (I work
nine hours everyday I’m exhausted most of the time). But the fact is you
probably don’t want to lose weight,you are not ready,you are too lazy or you
are doing it wrong.  If you want to lose
weight,set a goal and work towards it…you’ll get there.

Why I’m I unhappy
Because you chose to be
unhappy. Yes,your job sucks,your relationship suck…everything sucks! What are
you doing about the situation? Are you telling yourself you are unhappy or will
you make a choice to be happy. Sometimes things don’t go the way we want, it doesn’t
mean its over/you life is over. It will only get better.

How do I get out of my job
Well that depends,why do you
want to? There’s a reason you took the job in the first place. When it’s no
longer forthcoming,you see something better or you’ve saved enough to stand on
your own. Then get the hell out of that cage!

Why can’t I be in a steady relationship
Do you want to be in a steady
relationship? Sometimes its you,sometimes its your partner. If you are ready
and your partner isn’t,I think it’s high time you go for a steady one.

Why can’t I trust people
It’s okay not to trust
people,sometimes we don’t trust ourselves.

Why can’t I be better
You can,just keep improving
yourself and learning new things. There’s no way you’ll be the same as
yesterday. You can either be better or worse,it’s your call

What is the next phase for me
I don’t know,why not start
from here (I’m sure you have goals) and see where it takes you.

I’m I good enough
Yes you are! You are all it
takes to be the better version of yourself.

Will things get better?
Definitely! Nothing is

Does he like me
Why not find out by actually
going on a date with him and hear him out.

Is he the right guy for me
Does he treat you how you
need to be treated? Are you happy with him? Then maybe he is.

I’m I pretty enough
We are beautiful in the sight
of God. Don’t mind what you see on TV as what beauty should be. You are unique
and possess what the next person doesn’t ; you just have to find it.

I’m I in love,should I be in love
Yes,you should be in love at
some point in you life but if you are over thinking it,you’re probably not (it’s
okay too) in love.

Should I stay or should I go
Make up you mind or stop
bickering about it.

Does he love me,will he stay
I’m sure you can tell when
someone loves you. Imagine what you do for someone you are in love with…
Don’t you want it in return?

Do people like me,must I like everybody
Not everyone will love you
and you must not like everyone. That would just make you pretentious and vice

Who I’m I
You are whomever you want to
be (do you enjoy doing evil or doing good ?), It’s your choice! Although your
parents have some part to play,don’t blame them for who you become eventually.
Take responsibility for your actions and what your conscience feel is right.

What was I thinking
Well,you are still thinking! What’s
done is done,It’s over now,move on.

At the end of the day it
takes you to make the right decision,make changes and be whomever you want to
be… With the help of God of course. It takes you to decide you mood and
actions.So why bother,when you are still alive and kicking? Where there is
life,there is hope. Don’t give up till you give up the ghost!

Love to hear from you

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