Valentine’s day Gifts for your significant other

For the lovers, what to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day?

Most of the time, people like to give flowers, cakes and chocolate… and people are always wearing red -like what is the reason? Is it because the heart stands for love? The tricky part is the heart does not have a love shape, so… 

Anyways let me stop my theories and rants. Though,Flowers, chocolates and cakes are great. There are other gifts that are also cool to give on Valentine’s Day. 

Since it’s a day of love (though everyday should be a day of love), you should surprise your lover with something they have always been wishing to have; something that can make their lives better and bring out the best version of themselves. 

I’m sure you are wondering “ah this seems like a lot”, what if I don’t have that much money or we just started dating? That seems like a lot. Okay, I’ll answer that;

What if I don’t have that type of money?

Well unless you are dating Cardi B or Saweetie, then you should be either Offset or Quavo… You see, most times people like to go for people that are out of their league. My advice is; if you don’t have money, please stay away from materialistic women. 

Most women are well “Materialistic” cause we love nice things and like to look expensive and gorgeous (don’t give me that talk about natural beauty – if you don’t maintain your beauty ,you’ll look old before your time).

I’m an advocate for women working and making their own money but as women, we also love our men to spoil us, it makes us feel appreciated and loved.So whether your lover is materialistic or not, you just have to play your part as a man. Yes, she can take care of herself but you have to make her feel like she has a man. 

Alright so if you don’t have a lot of money, let’s hope your boos level of materialism is up to your pocket. It’s mostly the little things they appreciate. 

For example, your girl has been talking about her passion for photography but don’t have money to buy a camera. To be honest, digital cameras are really expensive, if you don’t have such money, how about you register her to a Class. Even if she was confused about doing it full time, that could be boost or motivation to start. 

And if you don’t have the money for a camera now, you can keep saving up so you can surprise her with one maybe in Easter or Christmas… You don’t have to do everything on Valentine’s Day. 

That is just one of the important things that you can do for someone you care for on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you get the angle I’m going with this. 

And if you just started dating…

Well, just started like two to three months into Valentine? It depends on how you feel about the person and what you guys have. I don’t think there is anything too much for someone you care for… Especially when you know they feel the same way. 

But if you are a hopeless romantic and love to give grand gestures… that could make you worry about what to do for her on Valentine’s Day. For example; planning a “baecation” in another state after just two months of dating…That would scare me off, just saying.

You should just slow down though…And do things like taking her to a nice restaurant and maybe gifting her really nice perfume. 

Here are things you can gift your partner on Valentine’s Day (this is for both sexes btw) 


Valentine's day Gifts for your significant other

Some people really love wristwatches, especially the ones that are time cautious. Besides, there are some wristwatches that look really good and make a chic accessory.

I love wristwatches, if I don’t go out wearing one I feel like my attire is not complete. so it’s a really good gift to give especially if your relationship is new.


Hmm, who doesn’t love perfumes? Like who doesn’t love to smell nice?  Just imagine getting your lover a really expensive and nice perfume on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure they will appreciate it 

It doesn’t have to be so expensive though. There are really good perfumes at 5,000naira.

Lingerie /boxer/singlet/ briefs 

Hehe, most guys are tired of these gifts because they seem to think it’s really cheap and wish they were appreciated more. I’ll tell you this; there are expensive underwear you know?  Like the Calvin Klein’s and YSL… Besides, have you ever considered if your girlfriend feels you need it? Maybe the ones you have are looking old and worn out? 

Men also get women lingerie whether it’s expensive or not and they don’t get offended by that. So it’s still a good gift, especially if you feel your significant other would look sexy in it.

Money – for women that love to buy their own things with your money, lol

Let’s be honest, this is Nigeria and some people just love money. Some married couples can relate to this; where their wives actually prefer money to gifts. So why not gift her a bouquet of money, lol…


Some people love jewelries…Mostly women though. I’m not really crazy about jewelry especially on my neck (if it’s not real gold, I tend to react to it). 

There something romantic about getting your woman a necklace and placing it on her neck (like Jack did to Rose in Titanic -even though the gift was not his, lol).

Some guys also love a good bracelet; ring and necklace too, just know your man. Though I hope he won’t freak out if you give him a ring, lol! Not a wedding ring obviously, just something fancy.


Oouuu, like I said, it depends on your budget.  Buying cars are for people that can afford it. We know most men love cars but some ladies are car freaks too -buying a car for them is like buying diamonds… 

Ladies, you can also get a car for your man, if you can afford it. Most people will advice that you do this only for your husband (you know since its good investment) but it depends…if you are in a serious relationship with this person and you guys know you are spending the rest of your life together, I don’t see why not. 

Valentine's day Gifts for your significant other

Expensive or quality Shirt / Dress

If your guy is a corporate person, he would really appreciate a good suit and tie .If he is a casual person, you could get him a nice shirt and jeans. Same goes for ladies: get a cute dress, jeans and top….whatever she is comfortable in. 

Valentine's day Gifts for your significant other

Beauty products/ barbing tools

The MUA people will appreciate this: it could be makeup box with makeup in it, a good skin care product while for the guys you can get them a clipper kit. Also who said guys can’t use a good moisturizer and facial cleanser?


The shoe freaks – yep, some people get ecstatic with shoes, either by wearing them or looking at someone on them. Since Valentine is all about what the other person wants, if the person is not a shoe person, buy what they actually love or need – you can still get the shoe for your own pleasure, if it doesn’t affect your budget. 


Like phones, headphones, professional microphone, mifi, laptop,video / photo editing software etc. I’m a gadget girl and with what I do (blogging), it makes it more obvious… So yeah there are people that would appreciate these things on Valentine’s Day .

Book a day at the spa 

With Lagos traffic, work stress and surviving last year, a good spa day won’t be a bad idea. In this part of the world, we don’t value a day for just being pampered; we always just want to be on the move – even if, most times it’s not productive. 

A good spa day on Valentine’s Day can really help your partner – most times they don’t even know they need it.  When you understand your partner, you know what he or she needs and just plan that special day for them. 

Does that mean the whole day would be spent at the spa? Uh yeah,so what? You have other days to get freaky – you mustn’t do everything on Valentine’s Day. Besides its really boring and common to tag Valentine’s Day as getting freaky…

Take your spouse to a luxurious hotel

Yeah, though our homes may be very comfortable, sometimes you just want to change environment without really going far away. And that could involve a five star hotel; chilling in your very equipped room, eating intercontinental dishes, going for a Spa day and making use of the pool.

Remember all these depend on your budget; you don’t have to do everything in one day. You should also know what your partner loves and get the best of them. Gifts on Valentine’s Day are mostly the little and thoughtful gifts.  It just makes your partner feel like you are thinking of them all the time and care about their needs.

You can also use the day to spice things up in the relationship. And those of us that don’t have a significant other to celebrate on Val’s day and are thinking of what to do on that day, you can click this link.

So there you have it. Any ideas on what to gift your significant other on Valentine’s Day? We would love to hear your ideas. In the end just ensure that people feel the love from you on that day.


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