Twitter users say Salma Hayek is hotter than Jlo

Salma HayekJ'lo

Hmm,okay so twiiter users have come with another one- Salma Hayek hotter than Jennifer Lopez.

On the poll,the question is “who’s the baddest out of these 2 ladies???” And people seem to be talking more about Salma. One said;
“Salma past, present, in her prime, now & twice on Sundays.”

Another wrote, “Don’t ever disrespect Salma and her elite horchata buckets again.” Uhhh … okay.

To be honest,i love both women and they are both sexy and doing great in the industry. Guess the angle fans are going with is the fact that J’lo gets more attention than Salma who is equally hot and dominating the acting industry.

There was no point of this poll but I guess it’s cause both ladies are in their 50’s ,Latinas and recently acted with Owen Wilson??? Idk, just a thought.

Give it a rest guys, no comparison.

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