Travis Barker face backlash for posting “embarrasing and crass” photo on instagram

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend,Travis Barker are no strangers to PDA but this last post from the rockstar was quite “embarrassing and crass” – well according to a Reddit user. 

Travis shard a photoof his and Kourtney’s clothes thrown on the ground and on a couch. 

While a black shirt was spread out on the floor, a tiny pair of white underwear appeared to be placed on the couch -hinting they just had sex. 

See some comments from disapponted fans below; 

Travis Barker

one person commented: “That is just so immature and crass.” 

Another added: “This is extremely weird and inappropriate. They’re always wanting privacy but yet here is Travis giving out pictures of very intimate moments. No one needs to see this.” 

“F**king weird. You both have kids but yeah post a photo indicating you literally just f**ked. Weird affffffff.” – one commenter said 

“The level of cringe is through the roof.”- fourth person wrote. 

Some fans said Travis ia acting like a“15yo wanting to prove he’s sexually active,” while another fan accused them of “shoving their relationship down our throats.” 

And i agree with each and everyone of them. Kourtney and Travis’ PDA was cute at one point but they are taking it too far. They have kids and should keep their privacy away from social media. It’s not cute anymore.

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