Tracy Daniel Diaries : Dont You Just Hate…

Tracy Daniel Diaries : Dont You Just Hate...

Tracy Daniels just went through a ‘don’t you just hate’
moment. On her way home from work few days ago, Tracy sees this guy that used
to sorta ask her out.  You see the thing
is, Tracy meets lots of guys at her place of work but its either they are married.
Not her type, broke… you name it.

She met this guy in his late thirties, they work in the same
building but different organizations. Just like everyone have problems, this
guy had his problem; He married a young girl that wasn’t ready to start a
family but had to marry him because he had the finances to get her where she
needs to be. You see, where Tracy is from, men dominate everything and have the
power (what do I mean where Tracy is from…I believe is everywhere). 
Anyways, after their wedding (traditional),
he helped her get a job with an oil company and was transferred to the UK,
being the smart girl that she is, she got to the UK, refused to have sex with
her husband, well according to him she gives one excuse or the other (which
Tracy does not remember or would like to discuss at this point).  She became exposed and realized there is more
to life than being married to a wealthy man and she told him she doesn’t want
to come back to her country. That was how the marriage was dissolved.
Tracy at the time needed a better job than the one she has
and meeting this guy, she hoped he would assist cos he didn’t really seem like
the bad guy or player and he indeed had the connections to help her…Until she
heard his story and found out he likes her. She knew it was either she dates
him and maybe marry him so she could get the job she wanted or NOT. You might
feel, she’ll be having everything she ever wanted but sadly that’s not how it
The truth is she wasn’t into him. He has some real baggage…long
story short, he just wasn’t her type. He used to invite her to his house cos
they live in the same street; she sees him when she’s bored. When its time for
her to go home, he comes up with this lame seduction ‘give me a hug’ request and
sometimes she could feel his bulge. But sadly (for him) there was no
attraction. I don’t think it’s cos he was a little shorter than her, or too old
(not just age wise but his view on life) for her, too stiff???I guess we’d
never know. Well, this guy saw Tracy as a very ambitious lady and really smart,
he was scared if he makes this girl his wife, she might do worse than what his
ex did and I’m sure he also noticed she was not attracted to him.
So they became ‘good’ friends but not good enough for him to
assist her… Tracy got tired of visiting him but they say hello once in a
while and then he meets this young girl, 24 where he’s running his masters
program, months later they get married but according to him it was hush hush
considering his last disappointment (most of his colleagues had no idea what he
was going through, most like Tracy assumed he was married).
Tracy Daniel Diaries : Dont You Just Hate...

After some months of no ‘unintentional’ contact. On her
{Tracy} way to her office she sees him again and he gives her a lift and then
he broke (well, she sees the ring on his finger, then he breaks the news) the
news. Tracy said 🙁 Sees his ring)
Woah, what is that? Are you married?
He said: {smiled} yeah I am, you didn’t know?
Tracy: I don’t remember being invited
He said: (smiles) yeah, it was kinda hush hush, just family
and friends
Tracy: hmmm, who is the lucky girl?
He said: {Brings out his phone and shows her their
traditional wedding photo} let me show you our wedding photos.
Tracy: Wow. How did this happen? Where did you meet her?
He said: In school, a microbiology student in her final
year, she’ll be rounding up soon.
Tracy: Hmmm, congratulations.
He said: thank you dear. Everything happened so fast, the
truth is when you see the one you just know.
Tracy: Huh, I guess.
He said: don’t worry, yours will come. I’m praying for you.
Tracy: {rolls her eyes} Yeah.
He said: how often do you go to your hometown? I advise you
to try in December, you don’t know when you’ll meet someone.
Tracy: Hmmm (nods)
He said: Most people get married in from their hometown especially
festive seasons.
Tracy: Yeah.
Tracy Daniel Diaries : Dont You Just Hate...

She also used the opportunity to ask him if he found any job
opportunity for her but as usual he said ‘nothing yet’. He dropped her close to
her office building and as she walked to her office, she asked herself; why do people keep saying when you meet the
one, you’ll know? Does it mean, she has not meet the one? How are we supposed
to feel when we meet the one? Do both party feel it at once or is the man
supposed to feel it and not the woman (at least not immediately)?
Cos she
felt it with one guy but she’s not with him anymore, is it cos he didn’t feel
the same or fate is just messing with her? The fact is she felt that way and
she’s not married to the guy, so what happened?
The company the guy works for moved to another location but
in the same environment so they barely saw as they used to and some months
passed by, until few days ago on her way home, she sees him and he packs his
car close to her house so they could say hello since its been a while.
Tracy said: Hi, long time
He said: yeah how have you been
Tracy: good and you?
He said: Great! My child dedication is this Sunday (and then
he brings out it phone and shows her baby pictures)
Tracy: Oh really? Wow that was fast! When did she take
in…? (Like that’s important *rolling eyes*)
Tracy could not think of anything, so she was just mumbling.
Wondering how everyone seem to be moving on except her.
He said: that’s my daughter (a photo of the kid napping)
Tracy: aww, she looks like your wife
He said: Nah, most people say she looks like me…
Tracy: really? Maybe its cos her eyes are closed here.
He said: see another one (he shows her another photo and a
selfie pic with his wife).
Tracy: ok, she looks like both of you. Aww, congrats.
Then he says…what most women don’t like to hear from
someone that married someone else cos they {women} weren’t interested.
He said: thanks, I’m really praying for you.
Tracy: Yea ok, thanks. Bye! {And he drove off}
Like don’t you just hate that? When a guy that have been making
passes at you (not like he did it directly but we know these things), moves on
and starts rubbing his achievement (whatever that is) in your face? And they
make comments like ‘Don’t worry, I’m praying for you, I’ll pray for you’… You
know what? I don’t need you prayers, if they {prayers} were that great I would
have finally found and be with the one, so just save it! I’m glad you’ve found
what makes you happy (marriage, a good job or whatever) but don’t make me feel
like a failure or think my life would have been better with you. I may not have
found the one or my happiness but I would at God’s time for me. Better late
than sorry! *Exhales*
That’s Tracy Daniels ‘don’t you just hate moment’, what’s
yours? Share on the comment section and if you’d like to be featured on this
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