Toto Wolff said he is not sure Lewis Hamilton will return

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes’ team principal Toto (weird name for a person for Nigeria) Wolff said he is not sure Lewis Hamilton will return to Formula One following what happened on Sunday.

“It is going to take a long time to digest what has happened on Sunday,” Wolff said. “I don’t think we will ever get over it, that’s not possible. Lewis and I are disillusioned at the moment. We’re not disillusioned with the sport. We love the sport with every bone in our body. And we love it because the stopwatch never lies.

“But if we break that fundamental principle of sporting fairness and authenticity, then suddenly the stopwatch doesn’t become relevant any more. Because we are exposed to random decision-making. And it is clear that you may fall out of love with a sport if you start to question, with all the work you have been doing, all the sweat and tears and blood.”

According to Wolff ,the Formula One champion was robbed of his crown after race director Michael Masi’s decision to set up a last-lap shoot-out between Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

“I very much hope that Lewis continues racing because he’s the greatest driver of all time,” he said. “We will be working through the events over the next weeks and months and I think that as a racer, his heart will say: ‘I need to continue’, because he is at the peak of his game.

“But we have to overcome the pain that was caused upon him on Sunday, also because he is a man with clear values and it is difficult for him to understand how that happened. I just have to do the utmost that I can to help him overcome this, in order for him to return strong and with a love of the sport and trust in the decision-making of the sport next year.”

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