Timi Dakolo revealed how a friend tried to block a gig from him

Timi Dakolo

Hmm, be careful who you call friends. Singer-songwriter,Timi Dakolo shared on his social page how his supposed lady friend tried to hinder him from getting a gig. He wrote;
‘Everything’ crooner stated that he was with strangers who suggested him for a job yet she was the only person who tried to go against it.

“Imagine a room full of strangers planning an event and suggested me.

“And the only person who knows me well inside that room, like knows me kept blocking it,” he said.

Well, eventually he got the gig, you know, cause he is Timi Dakolo and the friend like every snake acted like nothing happened. See another post from him below;

Timi Dakolo

Too bad, I have also been in this shoe a couple of times. Any friend that envies you (in a negative way) or is in competition with you is not a friend, run very far.

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