There’s Hope For Lamar Odom,He’s Responding To Treatment

There's Hope For Lamar Odom,He's Responding To Treatment

According to TMZ,Lamar Odom is awake and responding to treatment.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, tests on Lamar’s heart
Friday morning revealed his heart function is “much better.” Doctors
have told Lamar’s friends and family this is a good sign of improvement,
that a critical organ is responding.

Doctors have asked for “calm” in Lamar’s room because they do not want
him stimulated …. because non-stimulation promotes healing.

Toward that end, doctors have ordered that virtually no one have access
to Lamar’s room. We’re told Khloe is still by Lamar’s bedside. 

CNN revealed a source claims Lamar woke up and said Hi to Khloe and on Anderson Cooper 360,Lamar’s college coach,Jim Harrick said

“… And he’s awake now,” “So that’s probably the most encouraging news we’ve had since it all started.”

 Thank God for him.

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