Test Finds library copies of fifty shades of Grey containing Herpes,cocaine…

7 ways 50 shades of grey

Belgian team has discovered the most borrowed titles at an Antwerp library contained icky elements of past lives,Eww!
They found herpes simplex virus 1 — associated with cold sores — clinging to steamy pages of Fifty Shades of Grey and more on Tango, another romance title.
Scientists at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium studied 10 of the most popular books on loan at a local library.
Toxicology professor Jan Tytgat found all of the books tested positive for cocaine, but not in levels harmful to those leafing through the work.
While believing library card holders would be surprised by the results, he tells QMI Agency: “Fortunately it concerns only trace amounts and our … immune system seems to cope with this.
“Nonetheless, proper hygiene (washing hands) is recommended.”
Surprising to his team, they also tested for THC, found in cannabis, but recorded no hits.The work echoes past studies that have found bacterial colonies flourishing on the pages of library books.
The U.K. Guardian points out libraries in Japan intend to loan out clean content, installing bacteria killing systems that scrub covers with UV rays — though not individual pages.
Tytgat would still like to test one other library book.He wonders whether cocaine would be found in the Bible

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