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Why dating a co-worker is a bad idea

Dating a co-worker might seem harmless at first but it’s actually a bad idea.  Especially when the person is really hot and it’s hard to resist (uh, you just have to look away); I’m sure there is someone hotter outside your place of work. I briefly dated someone outside my company but in the same

Why you should not date below your standards

Though I talked about reasons why you date below your standards, in my last post. This post is in case you are thinking of all those reasons why you should date below your standard, this is why you shouldn’t. Look, I totally get it. Being single sucks sometimes but trust me, it’s not all that

Paddy Adenuga warns married couples of single friends

Paddy Adenuga,son of Nigerian telecommunication billionaire,Mike Adenuga shared a word of advice to married couples. According to him singles might be the cause of their relationship problem. He said;”Ladies and gentlemen.. please I beg you.. do not let your friends, most especially your single friends mess up your dating life more importantly if you’ve finally

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