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Lady gaga goes naked on stage.

Okay,to some people this might not be news anymore,especially to her ‘monsters’ but seriously,where does she go from her? she recently told The independent that there are messages between her fashion chioice and lyrist; She said: ‘all of my songs have meaning, all of my clothing has iconography buried into it.   ‘But by the same

Rock Legend Lou Reed dies at 71

Best known as the founder, guitarist and lead singer/songwriter of 1960s band The Velvet Underground, the star went on to have an illustrious solo career, with hits such as ‘Walk On The Wild Side.’ Reed died in Southampton, New York of an ailment related to his recent liver transplant, according to his literary agent, Andrew

Rihanna on the cover of British GQ.

The rude boy singer tweeted this and posted a caption saying ; Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati!!!! She. x Damien Hirst #GQ #25thAnniversary #COVER,’ she tweeted Friday night. ‘I love playing with dominant animals! These 2 were double the trouble, but they’re superstars!!! #snakez #GQ #RiRi #88babies #25thanniversary’. I reserve my comment. What

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