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Chapter Thirty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child

Dennis knows nothing has happened between them especially since she’s a virgin but the rest of them don’t know. Ifeanyi on the other hand as a roommate has not caught them in the act before so he can’t really say although he was guessing that they do it when he is not around… Nina: look

Chapter Thirty Two :The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina’s friends; onome and Zino weren’t going to the party meanwhile Nina didn’t know that Agnes travelled so it was just Adaobi and Sally and “the three wise women”; Chidera, Adaeze and Norah like Mac Anthony from Nina’s department would call them went together as usual… Mac Antony calls them that because they are three

Chapter Thirty One :The Fifth And The Last Child

Dennis came around that night and Nina followed him as usual to his lodge and went to school the next day and a new guy starts asking Nina out, his name is Tony, not Dennis’ Tony, another Tony from Dennis’ department  but Nina doesn’t know that… Tony: hi pretty girl. Nina 🙁 ignoring him) Tony 🙁

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