What A Sucky world.

What A Sucky world.
You are looking for a job,
fresh out of school and service and the employers say they need applicants with
ten years experience. You finally get a little to nothing job, still seeking
for a better one and then you are told to be grateful with the one you have
that there are lots of people seeking for a job that should be employed. *smh
You decide to quit your job
so you can get a better one, your folks think you are crazy or useless, you
fear you might not get another one. You are uncomfortable at work, you don’t
have time for anything, anyone or yourself. you have a flare for art, yet you
can showcase it or enhance because you don’t have the income, people to support
you and time.

You save a little money from
your sucky job and try to quit, so you can either get a better job or
improve  on your talent. You do
that(quitting your job) and you either get screwed or believe in your talent
and pursue your dream with the little income you made after quitting your job.
Hoping and believing things will get better but its not going to be easy.

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