Story for a movie! Yeah,one of those days. Titled Adaora,what do you think?

This is a story about a girl, Adaora from Umueze village,
she is born a princess but have no idea who she is, she just sees herself as a
slave’s daughter that “the king”, Eze joe is trying to make queen in his palace
but has no idea how he plans to do it. She never leaves the palace because King
Eze joe always tells her about how wicked the world is and how people are out
to kill her.
Some few months to her eighteenth birthday, the king sits
her down and tells her his plans to make her queen by getting married to her on
her eighteenth birthday so he can be a legitimate king. Although he left the
part why he was getting married to her out, he told her it was the only way to
end her enslavement. His words; “on your eighteenth birthday my dear, I’m going
to give you, the gift every girl dreams of, you will be my wife!” adaora; “your
wife? But you are old enough to be my father.” The king tries to convince her
about being his queen and how things would be better for her and the kingdom
then leaves her room.

The king is a very selfish and wicked man, he has been
ruling since the death of his best friend, the late Igwe of Umueze and father
to Adaora. He poisoned his friend; Adaora’s father, when Adaora was five years
old he ruled for thirteen years and didn’t get married because he knew that if
he did and Adaora turns eighteen, by right she should be queen and he would be
dethroned. Therefore he wasn’t ready to be dethroned, so the only way for him is
to marry Adaora.
She starts to ponder on everything the king said and
imagined her life outside the palace. She has never been outside the palace;
she doesn’t know her purpose in the world. All her life, she has been guarded
and taught how to be a queen but has no idea who the people of Umueze are; if
they are imprisoned like she is,or orphans or if they are hungry or sick or sad
or happy. All she was told was that she would become Queen someday and taught
how a queen behaves and looks. Her thoughts; “do I want to be Queen? Do I have
all it takes? Why must I be queen? Why does he want to make me queen? I’m I the
only female in this village? Will I really have my freedom when I’m the queen?
Will I leave the walls of this palace? Is it going to be worse when I become
queen, I have to do something? He said I am a slave’s daughter, well I still
feel like one. There has to be something out there that I’m missing, I have to
leave this palace. I’d rather be a slave and have my freedom than be queen and
in prison”. As she ponders at the balcony outside her room on the second floor
of the palace, she sees a very handsome young man, the son of the great hunter
of umueze village, Ikemefuna with a dead bush meat in his arm for the king Eze
Joe. Since his father is the best hunter there is in Umueze village, the king
always demands that they get him the fattest and healthiest animal in the
forest.  As Adaora admires Ikemefuna as
he walked into the palace, the thought of marrying an old man made her cringe. She
walked back into her room, lay on her bed and came up with a plan on how to
Since she’s very familiar with the palace, on the eve of her
birthday she escaped through her balcony, the guard to the gate was asleep; at
the usual time he sleeps. Then she escapes into the forest. She kept running
without knowing where she was going and finally stopped for a while to catch
her breath at the end of the forest to rest and slept off eventually.
Emeka, the great hunter of Umueze village was in the same
forest trying to catch the last animal for the night. As he was trying to aim
at the squirrel, he saw Adaora sleeping on the grass in the forest; he walks
towards her and wakes her up. Adaora, really frightened, got up quickly and
tries to run away but Emeka assured her that he wasn’t going to hurt her and
asked what she was doing in the forest and where she came from. She wanted to
tell him but she remembered how she escaped and at this point, shouldn’t trust
anyone. So she lied that she couldn’t remember where she was from that she just
needs to leave the village. Emeka, the hunter asked her where she’s headed but
since she barely left the palace, she had no idea where she was going.
Emeka assumed she was lost and decides to take her to his
home believing he would help find her parents/guardian. She goes home with him,
asking questions about who he is and hiding her face whenever she sees someone
from the palace.
Emeka arrives with Adaora and calls out for his son Ikemefuna
to help her with water to bathe and food to eat but Ikemefuna recognized her as
the girl from the palace and told his father. His father was in doubt until he
saw the scar that she had the day she was born.
Emeka knew about the scar because he served Adaora’s father,
the late king while he was alive and witness her birth. He didn’t appreciate
her insincerity but she apologized then told him the reason why she lied and
ran from the palace.
She was also happy that he knew her parent and asked him to
tell her everything about them. He explained how she got her scar and how her
father was poisoned by his best friend, King Eze Joe. His words; “your father
the late King was a very good man, he always thought about his people. The man
you live with was his friend. Adaora words; “my father was a king?” Emeka’s
words; “yes he was, he was a great king. On that fateful day, King Eze joe told
me that the your father, the late king, rest his soul needed his usual herbal
tea and he’s the only one that drinks that particular tea. I had no idea it was
poisoned, so I served the tea to your father, He died the next morning.
Obviously the poison was not made to work immediately. We had no idea what was
happening, it started like an ailment, he couldn’t speak or move. Your father’s
death came to all of us by surprise; he was very healthy and vibrant. He’s
friend became the king and fired me from the palace .Until I consulted my
mother she told me that he was poisoned, she saw everything but it was too late
to report or do anything since we didn’t have proof .Ikemefuna was just a kid,
I knew if I had said something that I would be killed. I didn’t want to do that
to my wife and son, I just hoped that one day I would avenge the king and I
think that day is finally here”.
Adaora was really hurt when she discovered that the man she
had so much respect for not only lied to her but killed her father. She wants
to take revenge but doesn’t know how since she’s so scared of the king, she
knows he gets away with everything. All she wanted was to leave the village,
not marry the king ,start another life and probably get married to a man she
actually feels something for, and definitely not old.  Then she figures that may not be her destiny
since she has been questioning her purpose in the world. Then Emeka, the hunter
promised to help her since he figured it’s the only way he can pay for his
mistake. Meanwhile Ikemefuna didn’t like the idea of Adaora staying in their
home because he didn’t want anything to happen to his father since his the only
parent he has.
Emeka decides to take Adaora to his mother, Ikemefuna’s
grandmother’s house before dawn so the king’s men won’t find her.
King Eze joe, so excited that Adaora’s eighteenth birthday
has arrived, ordered the maids to dress her up and guard to prepare the palace
for the wedding ceremony. Then discovered she was missing and sends his guard
to look for her and bring her back alive. Fortunately for Adaora, she left the
village before they notice she was missing. The king gets really upset because
his plans to become the legitimate king were delayed. Since he lied to the
village elders when his friend ,the late king died, that he dying words was for
him to be the next king until Adaora turns eighteen years old..
Emeka goes to his mother’s house every evening to train
adaora and leaves very early in the morning back to his house so there won’t be
any suspense. Ikemefuna supplies fire wood for his grandmother and stays there
sometimes. He didn’t want to get involved with Adaora but eventually falls for
her innocence, humility and will to fight for her right.
Ikemefuna didn’t like Adaora at first because he thought she
didn’t care for the people of Umueze, he felt she contributed to their
suffering and was more upset that of all places she could go to ,it had to be
his father’s house. Eventually he saw how naive she was about who she was and
who her parents were. He felt sorry for her and everything she had to go
through, despite how her life has been she still manages to put a brave face
and willing to learn even after she found out she is the princess and future
Queen. He falls in love with her and decides to protect her with his own life.
They knew that for them to defeat the king and his men, they
need more people on their side. These people were willing to help defeat King Eze
joe since they are already almost dying from his wrath and torment.
The king used all sorts of voodoo to find Adaora through his
spiritualist but didn’t succeed due to the protection of Ikemefuna’s grandma’s
voodoo. Clearly her magic is more powerful than his.
Adaora ,ikemefuna ,Emeka and the people from Ikemefuna’s
grandma’s village agrees to attack at night. After several days of planning and
training, they succeeded; Adaora left with the king, contemplates if she should
take his life or not since she had every right to. Then discovers that he
wasn’t worth it but he should live in agony for the rest of his life by
sentencing him to life imprisonment.
 Finally, Adaora took
her rightful place as the queen of Umueze village and of course married
ikemefuna as her king.

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