Sophia bush talks about her friendship with One Tree Hill co-stars

Sophia Bush

One tree Hill alum and one of my favorite TV characters, Brooke Davis sorry Sophia Bush gushed about her friendship with former co-stars, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz.

She told US Weekly;“We’ve known each other for almost two decades now. Our friendships have changed immeasurably,” “We’ve been through so many stages of life together. But I think something that we really cherish — Hilarie and I were talking about this not too long ago — is just having, interestingly enough, as we’ve all gotten older, having our friendships deepen even more.”

“We all got to go through this wild ride together and it’s a thing that’s ours. No one else can really share it with us in the way that we can,” “It’s such a special thing to leave a journey like that and maintain really deep and trusted connections and we all are able to support each other and inspire each other and it’s something I just really cherish.”


“Hilarie throws the best Halloween party ever. Like, that will just stand in the record books. She loves Halloween more than anyone I know. And those were always kind of our best times,” Bush told Us. “It’s interesting when you have to move somewhere for a show because you’re together 10 months a year, but the holidays are the only time you really get to go home and see your family. So, generally, we’re all apart for the holidays, but now it’s obviously so sweet no matter where we are — east coast, west coast or anywhere in-between — our cast is kind of all over the place. But we have a big group thread, and everyone is sending around pictures of their dogs and their kids. It’s always really nice to have that touch point no matter where we’re at.”

They are one cast that you still call them by their TV name when talking about them. Same goes Gossip Girl too.

Speaking on behalf of OTH fans, i hope they do a re-boot (with the same cast and maybe with their teenage kids -its been seventeen years afterall) . Most shows are having reboots now, why not OTH?

PS: Peyton Sawyer played by Hilarie Burton was my favorite character on the show. I just love these ladies so much.


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