Shakira says goodbye to Barcelona

Shakira says goodbye to BarcelonaSinger-Songwriter ,Shakira says goodbye to Barcelona,Spain where she lived with Pique in a heartfelt post on Instagram. 

The mother-of-two is starting a new chapter following her split from football player,Gerard Piqué after he cheated on her with Clara Chía who he is currently dating. She wrote;

“I established myself in Barcelona to give my kids stability, the same one we are now looking for in another corner of the world alongside my family, friends and the sea,” “Today we start a new chapter in search of their happiness.”

Shakira continued, “Thank you to everyone that surfed with me in the Barcelona waves, the city in which I learned that friendship is longer than love. Thanks to everyone that helped me, dried my tears, inspired me and made my grow. Thanks to all my Spanish fans that gave me their loyalty and love. For you guys, it’s only a see you later and like my father said many times, we’ll see you on the curves.”

I really feel bad for Shakira ,I was hoping they would be together forever. 

Not like she can’t get any guy she wants but I really wanted that stability for her -breakups are hard.

According to reports,the singer might be moving back to Miami. Some are saying is because of a new flame (I hope it’s not true though- not the moving part but the reason. She has been I long term relationships for son long and needs to take some time to herself). All the best Shakira.

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