Sarah Jessica Parker’s poetic message to son on his birthday

Sarah Jessica Parker

Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker has taken to poetic style of writing on her Instagram page as she wish son a Happy 18th birthday which was on Oct 28th. She wrote;

He doesn’t wake with us.
He is in his life.
In his studies.
Among new friends.
Sending home details.
There is so much to tell.
New adults making lasting impressions. Opening his still young eyes. New thoughts. New books. New and different mornings.
On this one, it’s bittersweet. Not to be with him. To wish him the most happiest of birthdays.
Our Scorpio.
Our Oct baby.
Our JW.
Happy Birthday.
Balloons. Candles. Hoping every birthday wish to come true.

Aww, so sweet. Happy belated birthday James.

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