Rapper,Rod Wave assures fans he is not suicidal

Rod Wave

After Rapper,Rod Wave released new song,Nirvana with suicidal-like lyrics and deleted his social media account,his fans got worried. But he promised he is not suicidal and that he is “Happy ASF” in new post.

See the scary lyrics below: “If you’re hearing this it’s too late / I’ve been writin’ this since Tuesday, today Friday that mean tomorrow’s doomsday / Tried to fight the pain but it ate me alive / Sad to say I lost a battle against my mind / You should be happy for me homie, no more sufferin’ / We all got a day I guess we’ll see each other then / I hope that heaven’s real and one day we can reunite / And don’t be crying for me I lived a wonderful life.”

One fan Tweeted: “You if you a real Rod Wave fan just take a minute and say a prayer for him.”

“Rod Wave deactivated all his socials then he drops a song saying his is about to off himself.

“I hope he won’t do it, it’s mfs like him that kept me and probably hella other people from going.”

A third wrote, “Dawg please tell me that Rod Wave is good after that song,” while a fourth said, “I’m actually worried for this man.”

Yet a fifth posted: “Nirvana by Rod Wave is f***ing deep… mental health is no joke. Hope Rod Wave is good and is getting the help he needs.”

Wave has reactivated his Instagram account and assured fans he is good.

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