Rapper Ikechukwu is optimistic about walking again

Rapper Ikechukwu

Rapper Ikechukwu full name Ikechukwu Onunaki shared on his Instagram that his optimistic he will walk again.

After revealing on Tuesday to Daddy Freeze that he is suffering from an illness called herniated disc and acute sciatica which have rendered his entire right side paralyzed.
The rapper shared that he will walk again. See video below;

He wrote, “Slowly but surely.
“I will get back walking .
“I will touch my toes without bending my knees.
“I will feel no sharp stabs in my back or legs .
“I will do back flip in February.

“All the things I took for granted by letting my regular practices fall off.
“Never again as God is my witness and healer.
“I dey come, I will also gain the weight back.”

I wish you speedy recovery, Ikechukwu

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