Questions i wish i had answers to.

You hurt me so much,it’s hard to speak.
it hurt me so much,i could baarely breathe.
how did i fall in love with you?
why did you stay with me all those years?
when you knew how it’s going to end
why did i stay,what did you do?
why can’t i forget you?
why does it hurt?
why don’t you care, after all these years
will i ever love agaain?will i be happy?
will you find love,would she care?
why can’t i forget you when it’s clear you have.
why don’t you love me,what did i do?
how can i move on,who will i trust?
so much memories,all in vain.
so much happiness,so much pain.
why was there a meeting?
why did you kiss me?
what did you want,what did we do?
how do you do it,who is she?
when will this end?i need to breathe.
why did i do it,what were we?
why did i meet you,why did i kiss you?
why did i let you,why did you hurt me?
why did i leave you,why didnt you stay?
why is it late,why all those days?
how do you do it?what are your ways?
how do i let go,afterall those years.
how did i see you,why did you meet me?
why did i see you,why did you kiss me?
how did i let you,why did you hurt me?
why did i let you,why did you let go?

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