Queen Elizabeth II Thinks Kate Middleton Skirt’s Are Too Short

Kate Middleton, Canary Wharf, Place2Be ForumYellow peril: Episodes like that sudden gust of wind in Calgary may not be so frequent with a demure wardrobe
Before i say anything,amazing legs though! If your leg must be skinny,it should look like Kate Middleton! Anyways Dailymail reports;

hat the Queen has reviewed (and revised) Middleton’s wardrobe for her upcoming Australian tour.

The “subtle but significant regal makeover” will feature “lower hemlines” than what we’re used to seeing on the brunette beauty.

She will be encouraged to wear the tiaras favoured by the Queen and Queen Mother and an aide is being lined up to help with her wardrobe.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty has offered the services of her most trusted member of staff, her personal dresser Angela Kelly, to help Kate prepare for her trip. 

She has been tasked with assisting Kate to select statement  jewellery and gemstones from the Queen’s personal collection.

This forms part of a deliberate move to shift the Duchess’s image from High Street to high end, timeless Royal elegance – without losing her freshness and informality.

 But the queen isn’t the only one calling the shots here. It turns out that Middleton’s people have already approached two of her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley, about creating custom pieces for her journey. 
I bet she’ll look good in anything

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