Poliovirus in New York


Poliovirus has been detected in wastewater in different counties in New York City.

On Friday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said the state is stepping up its polio-fighting efforts as the virus spreads to Rockland, Orange and Sullivan.

The state Health Commissioner Dr Mary T. Bassett said in a prepared statement.

“On polio, we simply cannot roll the dice,” “If you or your child are unvaccinated or not up to date with vaccinations, the risk of paralytic disease is real. I urge New Yorkers to not accept any risk at all.”

Health officials said all unvaccinated New York residents — including children by 2 months of age, pregnant people and those who haven’t completed their vaccine series — should get immunized immediately. They also urged boosters for certain people, such as healthcare workers in affected areas who treat patients who might have polio.

The statewide polio vaccination rate is 79%, but the counties of Rockland, Orange and Sullivan had lower rates.

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